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Naked actors:

Circumcision status: Uncut
Director: Patricia Plattner
Main stars: Bernadette Lafont, Lou Doillon, Pio Marmaï
Genre: Drama
IMDB Score: 5.3
Duration: 103 min
IMDB Description: Gabrielle, a pleasant woman in her sixties, learns that she is about to be evicted from her second-hand shop, and that she is about to become a grandmother. Her friends advise her to take this opportunity to begin enjoying the joys of retirement. However, at the same time, Gabrielle meets Fred, a well-built young man whose youth attracts her as much her maturity, her freedom, and her social standing fascinates him. Although their respective circle of friends are horrified by the relationship (his friends think she's an elderly cougar....her friends think he's a gigolo), Fred and Gabrielle are going to try and enjoy their love story, ignoring the boundaries of age and social class.
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Pio Marmaï in Bazar (2009)

We get to see Pio Marmaï naked in details in this movie. He stands naked in a kitchen and in bed, letting us admire his amazing dick. He has a nice long uncut penis, with a long and tight foreskin. His pubes are untrimmed. In bed, his penis is also very impressive and appears even longer. Maybe he was a little excited.