Michael Vara, Alvaro Orlando and Greg McKeon in Eating Out: The Open Weekend (2011)


Eating Out: The Open Weekend

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Highlight: Michael Vara is one of the new hotties in this fifth version of the Eating Out sequel. Although we don't get a full frontal from him, we get a nice butt view in a scene. There is a lot of tension building up when he drops his swim trunk in front of Chris Salvatore and Aaron Milo. Both of them seem very impressed and Daniel Skelton had mentioned in an earlier scene that he has a huge penis. Well we only get to see his firm white butt. Alvaro Orlando plays a straight man in this movie. Towards the end of the movie, 2 girls surprise him and find him naked in his bedroom. He does not hide much and displays for a few seconds his long and thin uncut penis and then turns around and shows his butt. Greg McKeon drops his towel near the pool and reveals a pretty big and long cut dick. He is very proud and takes his time to cover up. Earlier in the movie, Greg McKeon is seen in a jacuzzi getting an active blowjob from Christian Ferrer.

Naked actors:

Circumcision status: Uncut, Cut
Director: Q. Allan Brocka
Main stars: Daniel Skelton, Chris Salvatore, Aaron Milo
Year: 2011
Genre: Comedy
IMDB Score: 6.3
Duration: 82 min
IMDB Description: Zack and his new boyfriend Benji are setting off to vacation at an all-male resort in Palm Springs with their friend Lily. In light of the veritable smorgasbord of available men that are sure to be awaiting their arrival, Benji has proposed that he and Zack open up their relationship, just for the weekend. He's not ready to limit himself sexually and explains that this will be a good way for them to explore together. Zack is less than thrilled with the idea, but he's eager to keep Benji happy and, after all, he likes sex too. At the same time, Zack's ex, Casey, is making his way to the same resort with his hag-in-training, Penny. Knowing that Zack will be there with his new boyfriend, Casey immediately goes into panic mode, recruiting his new friend, Peter, to be his pretend boyfriend for the weekend, proving to Zack that he's had no trouble moving on from their relationship. But it isn't long before all plans go awry, and Benji starts making eyes at Peter, while Zack realizes he might not be as over Casey as he'd thought. With the gay boys otherwise engaged, Lily and Penny are soon locked in combat for the attention of Luis, the resort's sexy bartender, who also happens to be the sole straight man in sight. It's complete sexual chaos as the various couples battle it out to win the object (or objects) of their affections.
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