Markus Holmberg in God Save the King (2005)


God Save the King

Highlight: 6 minutes in the movie, we see some guy's hairy ass. We are unsure on the actor's name. 9 minutes in the movie, we briefly see Markus Holmberg's butt. Then, 30 minutes, in the movie, we get a good view at Markus Holmberg's uncut dick and his butt, as he walks naked from the bedroom to the bathroom.

Naked actors:

Circumcision status: Uncut
Original title : Tjenare kungen
Director: Ulf Malmros
Main stars: Josefin Neldén, Cecilia Wallin, Malin Morgan
Year: 2005
Genre: Comedy, Drama, Music
IMDB Score: 6.1
Duration: 94 min
IMDB Description: A story about a young girl who leaves her hometown to pursue her dream of becoming a famous punk artist.
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