Jonathan Groff in Twelve Thirty (2010)


Twelve Thirty

Highlight: 20 minutes in the movie, Jonathan Groff undresses in front of the camera. Although the scene is hot, we see his hot abs, but no full nudity at that time. Just a minute later, 21 minutes in the movie, Jonathan Groff walks bare naked in front of the camera for a full 30 seconds. His cut dick and balls are bouncing around. This is an amazing movie scene. Now we all know what Zachary Quinto wakes up next to. 83 minutes in the movie, Jonathan Groff gets naked again with another woman. We don't see as much. We see Jonathan Groff's butt but his penis and balls are kept in the woman's hand in that scene.

Naked actors:

Circumcision status: Cut
Director: Jeff Lipsky
Main stars: Reed Birney, Jonathan Groff, Mamie Gummer
Year: 2010
Genre: Drama
IMDB Score: 4.1
Duration: 120 min
IMDB Description: TWELVE THIRTY is drama about a family with adult children that is broken, and a self-centered young man who, in the span of a week, becomes entangled in each of their lives, wreaking havoc in the process.
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