Jamie Campbell Bower and James Purefoy in Camelot (2011)



Highlight: 7 minutes in the the pilot episode, Jamie Campbell Bower is naked but we don't see much. 20 minutes in the episode, James Purefoy is naked making love to a woman. When he flips over her, we clearly see his butt. 44 minutes in the movie, Jamie Campbell Bower is dreaming. In his dreams he is naked. We see his nice butt as he is making love to a girl.

Naked actors:

Circumcision status:
Director: Ciaran Donnelly
Main stars: Joseph Fiennes, Jamie Campbell Bower, Tamsin Egerton
Year: 2011
Genre: Drama, Fantasy, History
IMDB Score: 6.4
Duration: 45 min
IMDB Description: King Uther dies suddenly. Britain is facing chaos. The sorcerer Merlin appoints the not so known son and heir Arthur as the king who was raised as a commoner, but his half sister has other plans. Arthur faces tough times and will be tested beyond imagination.
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