Jamie Bell and Jamie Sives in Mister Foe (2007)


Mister Foe

Highlight: From the get go, we see Jamie Bell shirtless. He is skinny. 21 minutes in the movie, Jamie Bell is completely naked but can only been seen from the side, covering his genitals. We still get a decent view at his firm butt. 45 minutes in the movie, we see Jamie Sives's butt as he is making love to a woman. And again 53 minutes in the movie. 71 minutes in the movie, Jamie Bell is completely naked again. He is covering his genitals but we can get a good view at his butt a number of times and also sideways when he is urinating.

Naked actors:

Circumcision status:
Original title : Hallam Foe
Director: David Mackenzie
Main stars: Jamie Bell, Ruth Milne, John Paul Lawler
Year: 2007
Genre: Drama, Mystery, Romance
IMDB Score: 7.1
Duration: 95 min
IMDB Description: Hallam's talent for spying on people reveals his darkest fears-and his most peculiar desires. Driven to expose the true cause of his mother's death, he instead finds himself searching the rooftops of the city for love. The seventeen year-old Hallam Foe is a weird teenager that misses his mother, who committed suicide by drowning in a lake near their house in Edinburgh after an overdose of sleeping pills. Hallam spends his spare time peeping at the locals and blames his stepmother Verity Foe, accusing her of killing his mother. After a discussion with his father Julius Foe, Hallam sneaks out from his house and travels to Edinburgh, where he sees Kate Breck and becomes obsessed with her because of her resemblance to his mother. Kate hires Hallam to work in the kitchen of the hotel where she works and they have a strange romance, while Hallam reaches his maturity in the hardest way.
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