Eric Balfour in Lie With Me (2005)


Lie with Me

Highlight: Eric Balfour is the actor that played Milo in TV show 24 Season 6. In this movie "Lie With Me", he played completely naked for a good share of the movie! You can also get a quick look at Michael Facciolo's uncut penis.

Naked actors:

Circumcision status: Cut
Director: Clément Virgo
Main stars: Lauren Lee Smith, Eric Balfour, Polly Shannon
Year: 2005
Genre: Drama, Romance
IMDB Score: 5.5
Duration: 93 min
IMDB Description: An outgoing, sexually aggressive young woman meets and begins a torrid affair with an equally aggressive young man in which their affair begins to bring a strain on their personal lives. Lelia is a happily unattached, sexually voracious young woman who satisfies her instable appetite for sex with a host of young male bed partners. But all that changes when a chance encounter has Lelia meets and beings an affair with David an artist looking for a committing relationship. David is just as sexually aggressive and ravenous as Lelia and whenever they get together, they grow more hopelessly entangled, both physically and emotionally.
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