Alain Delon in Shock Treatment (1973)


Shock Treatment

Highlight: 23 minutes in the movie there is a scene with a sauna. All men undress and we see their uncut dicks and butts as they walk around. Alain Delon is not one of them. Then they go swim naked in the ocean. Alain Delon who happens to walk on the beach joins them. We see from a distance Alain Delon dick flopping around as he runs towards the ocean. Then we clearly see Alain Delon's butt. Then he faces the camera and we see many views of his uncut dick that he is proudly showing. People were not as prude as today in the 70s!

Naked actors:

Circumcision status: Uncut
Original title : Traitement de choc
Director: Alain Jessua
Main stars: Alain Delon, Annie Girardot, Robert Hirsch
Year: 1973
Genre: Crime, Drama, Horror
IMDB Score: 6.3
Duration: 91 min
IMDB Description: Doctors at a rejuvenation clinic discover a formula that will prevent aging. However, it involves harvesting the blood and body parts of young men, a process that the doctors aren't particularly averse to
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