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Joris Conquet, Adrian Conquet, Mike Fédée and Michael Augusto in Les Garçons de Chambre (2014)

2 minutes in episode 1, we see Joris Conquet's butt. We see the tip of his dick in one frame.

5 minutes in episode 4, we partially see Adrian Conquet's butt, and then 7 minutes in the episode, we see his shaved pubes.

3 minutes in episode 8, we get a close up view at Joris Conquet's butt.

5 minutes in episode 13, we see Mike Fédée's butt. For one frame, we also see his penis. We also see in that scene Joris Conquet's butt. His haircrack is shiny, so he probably got it waxed.

15 minutes in episode 14, we see Mike Fédée's butt.

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