image 8686

Nicholas Braun and Hunter Cope in Date and Switch (2014)

30 minutes in the movie, Nicholas Braun and Hunter Cope are both getting undressed to go have fun in a foam party. The first one to go in front of the camera is Hunter Cope but we only see his butt.
Then Nicholas Braun goes, and for a frame we can see his low hanging balls in between his thighs, and then in another frame, we can see his dick which appears to be uncut.

image 8761

Jamie Dornan in Fifty Shades of Grey (2015)

43 minutes in the movie, we see Jamie Dornan's butt. We briefly see his balls in between his legs.
We see again Jamie Dornan's firm butt as he is making love.
89 minutes in the movie, there is a partial dickshot of Jamie Dornan (we see his pubes and the base of his penis). We then see his butt.
Jamie Dornan is known for being uncut as he already posed naked for Visionaire. It can be seen here here.