image 8720

Lorenzo Balducci, Alex Batllori and Alex Brendemühl in Falling Star (2014)

14 minutes in the movie, Alex Batllori is shaving his pubes in a very sexy scene. He is however hiding his penis.

27 minutes in the movie, Lorenzo Balducci is fully erect and fucking a watermelon. The scene is filmed from a distance, but at the end of the scene, we get a close-up view at his big uncut penis.

44 minutes in the movie, we see Alex Brendemühl's butt as he is stepping into a tub.

image 8603

Florian David Fitz in Measuring the World (2012)

Florian David Fitz appears shirtless 23 minutes in the movie.
54 minutes in the movie, we can see his ass but no frontal at that moment.
76 minutes in the movie, and for over 2 minutes, Florian David Fitz is fully naked. We see his butt but also his long uncut dick.