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Melvil Poupaud and Christian Sengewald in Time to Leave (2005)

In this movie, handsome French actor Melvil Poupaud plays a gay man who learns he is dying and only has little time left. We see him naked at the beginning of the movie, while he is making love to his boyfriend Christian Sengewald. Although the scene is dark, we can see Melvil Poupaud has a very big penis. It is also erect during the scene! He is hung like a horse and his pubic hair appears to be shaved. Christian Sengewald is also erect during the scene as we can see the tip of his dick. This scene is very hot and leads to Melvil Poupaud penetrating Christian Sengewald (although the penetration is not shown precisely). After making love, they fight and we get a good view of Christian Sengewald's firm butt.