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Ewan McGregor in The Pillow Book (1996)

In this movie, there is a lot of nudity, including from Ewan McGregor who spends most of the movie completely naked. When being casted for the role, he was asked "Look, you're going to be completely naked, and we need to be able to shoot anything.". Ewan answered "Thank's okay". Then they asked "Would you simulate sex with a woman?". Ewan said "Yeah, no problem." Then they asked "Would you simulate sex with a man?. Ewan said "Yeah, that's okay.". He got the role!

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Ewan McGregor in Young Adam (2003)

Ewan McGregor has sex with many woman throughout the movie. 51 minutes in the movie, the woman he is in bed with pulls the cover out of Ewan. It reveals Ewan McGregor's very impressive soft uncut dick.

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