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Eric Michael Cole in Gia (1998)

Eric Michael Cole is in bed with Angelina Jolie. She removes his underwear and goes play with it. At that time, we see Eric Michael Cole's very nice butt. As Angelina gets back in bed, there is one frame (or maybe 2, but not many more) where we can see Eric Michael Cole's penis. He has a very nice uncut dick. In another scene, he goes naked to the bathroom, and we see his butt as he walks. We can see parts of his balls hanging in between his legs. Too bad the camera filmed from behind!

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Jesse Bradford in Hackers (1995)

In this movie, Jesse Bradford was only 15 year old and it was the first and only time so far that he showed skin. We can see his butt briefly, as he gets arrested by the FBI. Previously to that he was showering but the camera was only filming the torso up. But it's a good 1 second of his beefy butt that can be admired. Other than that, I think this movie is great. Angelina Jolie and Jonny Lee Miller are the main stars and lead this movie very nicely.

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