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Zachary Booth and Thure Lindhardt in Keep the Lights On (2012)

5 minutes in the movie, we see Zachary Booth's butt as he is in bed with Thure Lindhardt

12 minutes in the movie, we get a quick view at Zachary Booth's butt and huge balls, and then we get a good view at his dick as Thure Lindhardt is climbing on top of him

35 minutes in the movie, we get another quick butt view of Zachary Booth and then we see 5 minutes in the movie, we see Zachary Booth's butt as he is in bed with 's butt

62 minutes in the movie we get a great view at Zachary Booth' butt and huge balls.

image 1849

Marco Dapper, Adrian Quinonez and Brett Chukerman in Eating Out 2: Sloppy Seconds (2006)

Marco Dapper is the first guy to get naked. He gives a full frontal view, posing naked in a class. He has a big cut dick with huge low hanging balls. His body is very toned, so all together it's an amazing view. People must be purchasing this DVD just for that scene! Adrian Quinonez is part of an ex-gay group, but he is actually still interested in having sex with guys. We see him dropping his pants but only get to see his butt. He has a cute bubble butt. Then we see Marco Dapper and Brett Chukerman fooling around. When they are done, we see Brett's butt and then a front view as he dressed up. We can admire his big dick and balls. Marco Dapper and Brett Chukerman are circumcised.

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Thiago Cazado and Paulo Sousa in Cousins (2019)

13 minutes in the movie, we see Thiago Cazado's dick. His dick is uncut but with a short foreskin.

40 minutes in the movie, we see Thiago Cazado's butt as he lays naked on a bed.

43 minutes in the movie, Thiago Cazado is getting naked again. We see his penis and his butt.

45 min Paulo Sousa is also getting naked. We see his big uncut dick, hit butt and both actors naked as they engage in a long sensual and sexual scene.

image 8822

Rory Cosgrove in Capital Games (2013)

Eric Presnall and Rory Cosgrove have a sex scene in the movie.
We see Eric Presnall jacking off Rory Cosgrove.
Rory Cosgrove has a big cut penis. We also see his butt.

image 8794

Phénix Brossard and Alex Lawther in Departure (2015)

74 minutes in the movie, Phénix Brossard is getting naked to swim in a lake. We get a quick view at his uncut dick, his bushy pubic area, and his nice ass and butt hole.

98 minutes in the movie, we see Alex Lawther naked, jumping off a bridge. We see his butt as he jumps. We don't see more after he jumps, despite all the under-water views.

image 5915

George Clooney in Solaris (2002)

26 minutes in the movie, George Clooney is standing naked kissing a woman. As the camera turns around them, we see George Clooney's butt in various angles. Again 37 minutes in the movie, George Clooney is lying down naked on the bed. He is on his stomach. There is no much movement besides his cheeks contracting.

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Yiftach Mizrahi and Ofer Regirer in Antarctica (2008)

At the beginning of the movie we see Yiftach Mizrahi and Ofer Regirer having sex together. As Ofer is about to give a blow job to Yiftach, he pulls Yiftach's pants down. Yiftach has a nice chubby and we can see for a few seconds his nice cut dick. Later after they make love, Yiftach gets up from bed, and we can see his butt. A little later in the movie, Ofer Regirer is naked on the floor exercising. We can see a frontal from him there, although his penis is not erected. After that he goes to the bathroom to trim his pubic hair, and we have a good clear view at his butt.

image 6985

Jake Christian, Matthew Montgomery and Windham Beacham in Long-Term Relationship (2006)

In the first minute of the movie, we see Matthew Montgomery's butt. 3 minutes in the movie, we also see Jake Christian fully naked. He has a nice uncut dick. 44 minutes in the movie, we see the butts of both Matthew Montgomery and Windham Beacham. 54 minutes in the movie, we briefly see Matthew Montgomery's cut penis and then a lot more when he walks naked in the kitchen.

image 1644

Barlow Jacobs in Alexander the Last (2009)

Barlow Jacobs has two sex scenes in this movie. In the first one, we can see him in black briefs that his girlfriends removes with her foot (sexy!). The scene is very well lit, so we can see all the details like his crack hair. In the second scene, we see Barlow putting his briefs back. As he is doing it, we can see the very tip of his dick, one of his hairy balls, and all the hair between his balls and ass.

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