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Sean Li, Osman Hung, Yu Hong Lau and Jackie Chow in Permanent Residence (2009)

30 seconds in the movie we brielfy see Osman Hung's ass.

13 minutes in the movie, Sean Li is undressing in front of the camera. We see him running around, front and back. then exercising naked.

16 minutes in the movie, Osman Hung is naked in the sauna. front and back. doing karate kicks.

32 minutes in the movie, Sean Li is naked with Jackie Chow. We see Jackie Chow's butt and partially his dick too.

34 minutes in the movie, Osman Hung and Sean Li are both naked going to swim and playing.

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Byron Pang and Thomas Price in Amphetamine (2010)

Byron Pang shows us a full frontal from the beginning on the movie and continues throughout. Byron Pang and Thomas Price meet and sexual tension builds up. There is very sensual shower scene as they both bath naked next to one another. Thomas Price cannot help and look at the nice body of Byron Pang. He quickly masturbates under the shower but we can only see the very tip of Thomas's dick. In the next scene, Byron Pang makes love to his girlfriend but obviously thinks of Thomas. Byron and Thomas meet again and they end up both naked in a hot tub. We see both of them frontal, but with a distance. They end up cuddling and kissing. A few days after, they end up in bed together. Thomas pulls the blanket to reveal Byron Pang's erect dick. Later Byron Pang remembers a story where he saved a girl from being raped by a gang, and in exchange got stripped naked in the mud and finally raped by that gang. We see him completely naked again. The sodomy scenes are not actually shown. Later Byron Pang and Thomas Price are naked together and start playing. We see very briefly but clearly Thomas Price's uncut dick and big balls. Later, after a train trip, they get arrested by the police and both stripped naked. They both get anal checked by the police. Later, in the shower, they finally have anal sex together and Thomas Price penetrates Byron Pang.