image 3191

Joe Dain, Fatmir Haskaj and John Enos III in Bullet (1996)

Five minutes in the movie, Joe Dain and Fatmir Haskaj are at gun point and forced to strip naked. We see Joe and Fatmir's butts and also their pubes but they carefully hide their penises in their hands. Quite nice and hot anyway! Mid-movie, John Enos III has a towel around his waist, and drops it to put underwear on, in front of Mickey Rourke and the camera. We can admire his butt and his whole body.

image 3342

Jai Courtney, Mike Edward, Daniel Feuerriegel and Ande Cunningham in Spartacus: Blood and Sand (2010)

In episode 8 of season 1, we get to see a lot of nudity. There is the much expected rear nudity of blonde cutie Jai Courtney. We see his butt as he is making love to a woman. We hope we will get to see front nudity from him someday. Episode 8 is also an episode where threee new slaves are brought in: Mike Edward, Daniel Feuerriegel and Ande Cunningham. We see rear nudity from the three of them as they need to be presented naked. They all three have nice butts. In addition to that, there is the much commented front nudity of Mike Edward. During that scene in the area where we see all three butts, we get to see Mike Edwards huge uncut dick. It's obviously a prosthetic. On the Blu-ray version of the show, there is an extra scene with front nudity of Mike Edward.

image 2861

Aden Young in Cousin Bette (1998)

Towards the end of the movie, Aden Young is making love to a woman after having spread chocolate over her. We get a very good view at Aden Young's ass and then briefly at his uncut dick. He gets caught by his father-in-law (played by Hugh Laurie), so he reaches for a pillow to cover his genitals and we only get a second to view his full fontal.

image 1908

Jason Patric in After Dark, My Sweet (1990)

In this movie, Jason Patric is seen naked but no frontal. We see his butt as he is making love to Rachel Ward. As he spreads his legs apart, we can also see his crack hair and his balls. That scene is towards the end of the movie.

image 8764

Jack Matthews in Drown (2015)

This movie is an eye candy about beach boys and lifesavings tournaments. Most of the guys are wearing nothing but speedos for a good part of the movie. Many nice bulges to look at throughout the movie.
63 minutes in the movie, we see Jack Matthews's butt as he stripped by force.
64 minutes in the movie, he is completely naked and covering his uncut penis.
The other guys next to him, comment he has a smooth dick, and a foreskin.
67 minutes in the movie, he is forced to show his massive uncut dick. We see it for many minutes. Jack Matthews' penis is thick and long.

image 3706

Lucas Pittaway and Bob Adriaens in Snowtown (2011)

At the beginning of the movie, we get to see Lucas Pittaway's butt, as he drops his underwear. Later in the movie, he is cleaning a bathtub in his underwear. When he faces the camera, we can tell from the bulge he is a pretty big uncut dick. Bob Adriaens shows frontal nudity. He is a rather small uncut dick.

image 2470

Tord Vandvik Haugen in Precious Moments (2003)

In this short movie (17 minutes), Tord Vandvik Haugen plays a gay boy. He has an affair with an older man in a hotel room. As he plays naked in the bedroom, we see him completely naked in great details. He has a very impressive long uncut dick. This movie is not very long but worth it.

image 2146

Sean Bean in When Saturday Comes (1996)

Sean Bean is a soccer player in this movie. After a match, all the players end up naked together in a big tub. Interesting habit! As Sean gets in and out of the tub, we see him full naked, front and back. He is uncut but does not seem very well endowed... unless the water was cold!

image 6261

David Douche in The Life of Jesus (1997)

12 minutes in the movie, we see David Douche's ass as he is making love to his girlfriend. We can see he has a hairy crack. 38 minutes in the movie, he gets naked in a field with his girlfriend. We get a close-up view at his dick as he penetrates her. He has an uncut dick that we see in great details.