image 2592

Alejo Sauras in Welcome Home (2006)

Alejo Sauras is a Spanish model. He has a great body and shows us everything in this movie. Mid-movie, as Alejo is going back home, he does not realize that his wife has visitors. He undresses completely to realize only after that they are watching him. We see first his butt, a very nice bubble butt, and we see him spread his cheeks as he takes his pants off. At that time, his big hairy balls appear in between his legs. Then he turns around and we can admire his thick uncut dick. Quite a pleasant view. Too bad it's not erect!

image 8796

Miles Szanto, Daniel Webber and Nadim Kobeissi in Teenage Kicks (2016)

5 minutes in the movie, we see Nadim Kobeissi's butt as he spied on, making love to a woman.

55 minutes in the movie, we see Miles Szanto's butt as he is receiving a blow job.

67 minutes in the movie, Miles Szanto and Daniel Webber are taking a shower together. We see Miles Szanto's pubes. As Miles Szanto gets out of the shower, we get a quick view at his uncut dick. We then see his butt.

69 minutes in the movie, Miles Szanto is undressing. The image is dark but we can see his uncut dick.

78 minutes in the movie, we see Miles Szanto's butt again.

Ben Affleck in Gone Girl (2014)

In Gone Girl, Ben Affleck reveals his penis and butt for the first time in a movie.
In this famous shower scene, we can briefly see Ben Affleck's butt and penis from the side. Ben Affleck has a very big cut dick.

03/06/2015 Update: all pictures have been removed at the request of Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation.

image 6350

Jean-Hugues Anglade, Vittorio Mezzogiorno and Claude Berri in The Wounded Man (1983)

This movie has very hot public toilet cruising scenes. Most of the scenes are pretty dark. 42 minutes in the movie, Vittorio Mezzogiorno is seen naked, as he leaves his bed. We get a closed-up view a few seconds after when he walks in front of the camera. His pubes are very bushy. Vittorio Mezzogiorno has a regular size uncut penis. 49 minutes in the movie, we briefly see Claude Berri naked. Jean-Hugues Anglade then shows his penis and ass. Jean-Hugues Anglade has a lean body with a big uncut dick and firm ass. 75 minutes in the movie, Jean-Hugues Anglade gets a fake blow job from Vittorio Mezzogiorno. At the end of the scene, we see Jean-Hugues Anglade's penis again and his bushy pubes. We see him naked again 102 minutes in the movie.

image 8683

Brad Gorton in Get Real (1998)

51 minutes in the movie, Brad Gorton is naked on the bed. As he stands out of bed to put his underwear back on, we get a very good view at his butt.
There are also several scenes where he can be seen shirtless or in sportwear throughout the movie.

image 8737

Dave Franco and Seth Rogen in Neighbors (2014)

26 minutes in the movie, we see Seth Rogen's butt from the side.

42 minutes in the minute, we see Dave Franco's ass as he is making love to a girl.

57 minutes in the movie, there are a bunch of extras naked.

image 4827

Ewan McGregor in Young Adam (2003)

Ewan McGregor has sex with many woman throughout the movie. 51 minutes in the movie, the woman he is in bed with pulls the cover out of Ewan. It reveals Ewan McGregor's very impressive soft uncut dick.

Anders Agensø and Peter Bjerg in You Are Not Alone (1978)

13 minutes in the movie, there is a young man in the bathroom with other guys. This one is completely naked. We see his butt, his pubic hair, and part of his dick as he dries himself.
29 minutes in the movie, Peter Bjerg is getting naked to get a shower. He has no pubic hair. We see his uncut penis and then his friend Anders Agensø joins him in the shower. Anders Agensø is also uncut but with a bigger uncut dick with untrimmed pubic hair.

image 3138

Allen Nabors and Danny Wolske in Bleed (2002)

The first one to show skin is Allen Nabors. His friends pull his swimsuit down, and expose his white butt to the camera. Then Allen Nabors turns around and jumps into the pool. It's very sudden but he gives us a frontal. Then Danny Wolske drops his trunks and jumps also in the pool naked. We see mostly his butt, although part of his penis is briefly seen from the side. We see Allen Nabors and Danny Wolske playing naked in the pool, and we can see their blurred dicks under the water. Danny Wolske gets out of the water and shows us his butt again. Then he puts a towel around his waist, and goes sit by the pool. However the camera is low and we can see his cut dick under the towel.