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Benji Crisnis, Theo Montgomery and Forth Richards in Wrecked (2009)

Benji Crisnis is living with his boyfriend Theo Montgomery. We see them kissing and making love, but no real visible nudity at that time. Later, Benji Crisnis is alone at home, and he masturbates while on-line. We see him taking his pants down and revealing his erected penis. He has a circumcised dick of significant size. Later in the movie, we see Benji Crisnis again naked, from behind, we a good view at his nice butt, his butt cheeks spread and his big balls hanging in between! As later Benji Crisnis is making love with Theo Montgomery, we very briefly see Theo Montgomery's cut penis, which is not very big at that time. Theo Montgomery bottoms for Benji Crisnis. We have another full frontal from Benji Crisnis as he gets out of bed in the morning. Benji leaves Theo's home and goes meet with Forth Richards. They make love and we see both of them naked in that very hot sequence. The video is blurred during the sexual scenes, but we can understand what is going on. In the morning, we get another full clear frontal of Benji Crisnis getting dressed. Later in the movie, Theo Montgomery walks on Benji Crisnis getting a blowjob from Forth Richards. They engage in a threesome. We can see through the blurred action that the three of them have hard-ons. In the morning, as Theo Montgomery dresses up, we get a full frontal from him.

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Jesse Bradford in Hackers (1995)

In this movie, Jesse Bradford was only 15 year old and it was the first and only time so far that he showed skin. We can see his butt briefly, as he gets arrested by the FBI. Previously to that he was showering but the camera was only filming the torso up. But it's a good 1 second of his beefy butt that can be admired. Other than that, I think this movie is great. Angelina Jolie and Jonny Lee Miller are the main stars and lead this movie very nicely.

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Zachary Booth and Emile Hirsch in Taking Woodstock (2009)

In this movie, Zachary Booth and Emile Hirsch have small roles. When Emile gets on stage, Zachary is dancing naked in the background. Then Emile also gets naked. We get views of both of them dancing naked with their dicks dangling around.

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James Franco in Whatever It Takes (2000)

In this movie, James Franco wears nothing but a thong. So he is not really naked, but a thong is not much, so we thought we should include this movie here. Seeing him tied to a bed, arms and legs spread away, with his trimmed armpits, his amazing hairless body, and his packed thong is a view you will not forget. James Franco indicated in an interview that he was uncut, so the circumcision status has been updated based on this information.