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Bernhard Bulling in Soundless Wind Chime (2009)

9 minutes in the movie, Bernhard Bulling is masturbating on his bed. We see his firm butt at first, then his balls in between his legs. We briefly see his hand moving and what appears to be his uncut dick.
12 minutes in the movie, Bernhard Bulling is bottoming with another actor but we don't see much actual nudity.

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Nicolas Giraud in High Lane (2009)

In a scene Nicolas Giraud is completely naked, dirty, and appears dead. But when a woman touches him, he wakes up and we see his uncut dick moving around. He has a nice uncut dick, with a short foreskin.

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Justin Herwick and B. Wyatt in Luster (2002)

14 minutes in the movie, we see B. Wyatt in the shower. His penis is cut and rather small in that scene. 3 minutes later, we see him jumping up and down and giving us a full 360-degrees views of his naked body. He is again naked 50 minutes in the movie. Finally 85 minutes in the movie, Justin Herwick undresses and shows his nice body. Justin Herwick has a cut dick.

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John Steiner, Helmut Berger and Alain Naya in Salon Kitty (1976)

Right at the beginning of the movie, we see John Steiner naked in a sauna. As the camera zooms into him, we get a view at his uncut penis. Within 7 minutes, we see a dead man who has a very big cut penis. 18 minutes in the movie, a bunch of naked women and men dance and make love. We see many young and good looking guys with their thick uncut penises. Some are getting hard-ons from the show. There are also some strange scenes involving sex with midgets and amputees. One hour in the movie, there is another sex scene with brief frontal and rear nudity/ 90 minutes in the movie, there is a shower scene with Alain Naya showing his uncut dock and butt. Over 2 hours in the movie, towards the end, there is another scene in a sauna, where many men are seen naked displaying their uncut dicks. One of them is Helmut Berger who has a nice uncut dick and his pubic hair completely shaved off.

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Libero De Rienzo in Fat Girl (2001)

In this movie, there are two main sex scenes with Libero De Rienzo. He is a great looking Italian actor with a very nice and big uncut dick. In the first scene, we see him getting on a bed with a underage girl. He has a hard-on, very erect. In the second scene, we see him rolling a condom on his already erect dick. We see him having sex and we get a good view of his butt also. His penis is so erect, that it may be a prosthetic.

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David Vert and Leonardo Sbaraglia in Diary of a Nymphomaniac (2008)

Belén Fabra plays a nymphomaniac, so we see her having sex with guys all the time. Lots of nudity in this movie, especially a lot of rear nudity which cannot be all credited here! The main frontal nudity is from David Vert. After making love to Belen, he argues with her, and we get a good view at his uncut dick and ass. We can also note a good rear nudity from Leonardo Sbaraglia in the movie.

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George Clooney in Solaris (2002)

26 minutes in the movie, George Clooney is standing naked kissing a woman. As the camera turns around them, we see George Clooney's butt in various angles. Again 37 minutes in the movie, George Clooney is lying down naked on the bed. He is on his stomach. There is no much movement besides his cheeks contracting.

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Aden Young in Cousin Bette (1998)

Towards the end of the movie, Aden Young is making love to a woman after having spread chocolate over her. We get a very good view at Aden Young's ass and then briefly at his uncut dick. He gets caught by his father-in-law (played by Hugh Laurie), so he reaches for a pillow to cover his genitals and we only get a second to view his full fontal.

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Vincent Cassel in The Monk (2011)

Vincent Cassel is found sleeping naked with a woman. We see his butt. As he leaves the bed, we see his dick and balls. Vincent Cassel has a circumcised dick with big balls. He is moving slowly, so we get a good view at his package.