image 4522

Petri Manninen in Garter Snake (2011)

There is a shower scene with Petri Manninen and a few other guys. We get to see Petri Manninen butt and cut dick. Some other guys are good looking especially the one next to Petri, who displays a very thick uncut cock.

image 6132

Tom Berenger in In Praise of Older Women (1978)

32 minutes in the movie, we see Tom Berenger's butt in a mirror as he is making love to a woman. We see Tom Berenger naked numerous times throughout the movie although he is hiding his genitals. 64 minutes in the movie, we see a close up view of his bubble butt. 67 minutes in the movie, Tom Berenger finally shows us his circumcised penis as he is wearing only a shirt and lifts a woman up in his arms. 81 minutes in the movie, we clearly see Tom Berenger's package as he flips around naked on a bed. And again a few minutes after we get a brief view at his dick and hanging balls. 103 minutes in the movie, we see Tom Berenger's butt as he undresses and when he gets on the bed. We also see his balls from behind hanging between his legs.

image 306

Adam Scott in Tell Me You Love Me (2007)

In this short lived TV show, there is a lot of nudity. Adam Scott is no exception. He spends most of the episodes making love. We even get to see him cum while receiving a hand job from Sonya Walger.

image 4952

Raife Patrick Burchell in Morvern Callar (2002)

This movie is mostly about women. However 1 hour in the movie, a woman is dancing with Raife Patrick Burchell when she decides to pull his underwear down. We see his butt first, and then as he continues to dance, we briefly see his nice uncut penis.

image 6350

Jean-Hugues Anglade, Vittorio Mezzogiorno and Claude Berri in The Wounded Man (1983)

This movie has very hot public toilet cruising scenes. Most of the scenes are pretty dark. 42 minutes in the movie, Vittorio Mezzogiorno is seen naked, as he leaves his bed. We get a closed-up view a few seconds after when he walks in front of the camera. His pubes are very bushy. Vittorio Mezzogiorno has a regular size uncut penis. 49 minutes in the movie, we briefly see Claude Berri naked. Jean-Hugues Anglade then shows his penis and ass. Jean-Hugues Anglade has a lean body with a big uncut dick and firm ass. 75 minutes in the movie, Jean-Hugues Anglade gets a fake blow job from Vittorio Mezzogiorno. At the end of the scene, we see Jean-Hugues Anglade's penis again and his bushy pubes. We see him naked again 102 minutes in the movie.

image 8603

Florian David Fitz in Measuring the World (2012)

Florian David Fitz appears shirtless 23 minutes in the movie.
54 minutes in the movie, we can see his ass but no frontal at that moment.
76 minutes in the movie, and for over 2 minutes, Florian David Fitz is fully naked. We see his butt but also his long uncut dick.

image 8611

Jamie Campbell Bower and James Purefoy in Camelot (2011)

7 minutes in the the pilot episode, Jamie Campbell Bower is naked but we don't see much.
20 minutes in the episode, James Purefoy is naked making love to a woman. When he flips over her, we clearly see his butt.
44 minutes in the movie, Jamie Campbell Bower is dreaming. In his dreams he is naked. We see his nice butt as he is making love to a girl.

image 1932

Robert Pattinson in Little Ashes (2008)

Robert Pattinson hangs out with Javier Beltrán. One night they are both swimming in their underwear and with the under-water camera, we can see their bulges. Then they kiss each other and it's very hot. We see them kissing again a few times after that.

image 8641

Franco Merli, Ninetto Davoli and Salvatore Sapienza in Arabian Nights (1974)

5 minutes in the movie, we see Franco Merli naked.
17 minutes in the movie, an uncredited black man is also naked. He is hung like a donkey. We can see his erect dick from behind in between his legs.
He is cut.
60 minutes in the movie, we see Ninetto Davoli's butt, and then his uncut dick.
Again we see both his butt and cock 63 minutes in the movie.
70 minutes in the movie, Ninetto Davoli is erect.
72 minutes in the movie, Ninetto Davoli is tortured by pulling on his balls.

image 8614

Joe Sykes and Drew Moerlein in V/H/S (2012)

23 minutes in the movie, Joe Sykes gets naked at a motel. For the next few minutes we see him naked, and although the camera is shaking a lot, we see his butt and uncut dick.
66 minutes in the movie, Drew Moerlein is undressing to go swim in a lake. We only see his butt.