image 8640

Andrzej Chyra in Tulips (2004)

Andrzej Chyra is naked 27 minutes in the movie. He is walking naked in an apartment. We see his thick uncut dick, and his butt also.

image 8421

Tom Wlaschiha and Jim Thalman in No One Sleeps (2000)

25 minutes in the movie, after making love to a man, Tom Wlaschiha is naked in bed. When he leaves the bed, we get a brief view of his big uncut dick.
78 minutes in the movie, we see Tom Wlaschiha's firm butt.
83 minutes in the movie, we also see Jim Thalman's butt. As he gets naked in bed, we can guess what appears to be a rather small penis.

image 4732

Dermot Mulroney in Intimate Affairs (2002)

There is a quick scene with Dermot Mulroney naked and his picture is fading away as he turns to face the camera. So we get a very clear view of his butt, but a faded view of his dick. He seems to have an average size cut dick.

image 2745

James Purefoy in Rome (2005)

In episode 4 of season 1 of this HBO TV show, James Purefoy is seen completely naked in the middle of a courtyard and shows us a full frontal. While his naked body is cleaned by a male slave in front of everybody, James Purefoy shows us his big uncut dick. He is not moving much but the scene lasts long enough to be able to see it in great details.

image 2416

Jalil Lespert and Aurélien Recoing in Natural Enemy (2004)

Jalil Lespert appears fully naked at several occasions in the movie. First he is seen naked looking at himself in the mirror. He stands for long seconds, giving us ample time to admire his long uncut dick. He has another naked scene towards later in the movie, but it is rather dark. He swims naked in the ocean and then rolls on the sand. Towards the end of the movie, he goes and see Aurélien Recoing who is sleeping. Aurélien had already several naked scenes before too. He is an older man with a huge, really huge, uncut penis. We had ample time to see it, and now with Jalil, we get to see Aurélien's penis fully erect.

image 8214

Cameron Monaghan, Noel Fisher, Steve Howey and Mike Doyle in Shameless Season 3 (2013)

In episode 6 of season 3, Cameron Monaghan shows us a lot of nudity as in many previous episodes. But for the first time, the camera briefly films Cameron frontally. Pausing the movie to the right frames, we can enjoy Cameron Monaghan's big uncut dick!
In that same episode, Noel Fisher is showing his butt a lot but his penis is hidden.
Steve Howey is also spending a lot of time naked in that episode. We see his butt at lenght and briefly his balls.

image 2638

Alexis Arquette, Craig Chester, Michael Stock, Eric Dekker, Mark Ewert, Daniel Boyle and Michael Gunther in Frisk (1995)

Craig Chester is the first showing nudity. We see his butt as he being undressed. We see his butt again in a next scene as he is looking at himself in a mirror, with his pants down. And again when his guest, Michael Gunther hits his butt with his fist. In that scene, Michael Gunther shows us a full frontal. He has a medium size cut dick. Later there is a S&M scene and we can see Craig Chester's butt again. Mid-movie, Michael Gunther meets with Eric Dekker and offers him $180 to see his ass. He agrees, and we see a full frontal from him. Later we finally see Michael Stock naked, but from behind as he goes get a shower. The next one is Alexis Arquette. He plays a junkie. He shows us a nice full frontal. He is a very big cut dick. Then Michael Gunther shoves a bill in Alexis Arquette's pretty butt. His next victim is Mark Ewert. We also get a full frontal from him. He has a nice uncut dick. The last one to be nude is Daniel Boyle. He has a pretty good sized cut dick.

image 4919

Matt Riddlehoover in Watch Out (2008)

We see Matt Riddlehoover naked from the beginning of the movie on. He loves his body, and so do we! 16 minutes in the movie, we see a video that Matt Riddlehoover made of himself showering. The video quality is low but we see he has a big cut dick. Then we see him getting out the shower after the recording, and we get a clear view at his penis and low hanging balls. We get to view them again at length. Matt Riddlehoover makes love to a plastic doll that has his own picture taped to it. That's how much he loves himself. 35 minutes in the movie, we see Matt Riddlehoover fully erect, masturbating and ejaculating in a bathroom sink. Very hot!

image 6775

Joe Dallesandro and John Putnam in Trash (1970)

For the first 10 minutes of the movie, Joe Dallesandro is naked. We first see his bubble butt and then his big circumcised dick. No need to pause the movie, as there are a full 10 minutes of full frontal and rear nudity. His dick is then half erect.
His pubes are untrimed and somewhat bushy.
25 minutes in the movie, a girl takes Joe Dallesandro's cock out of his underwear and we see his butt again 28 minutes in the movie as he is making love to the girl.
39 minutes in the movie, we see John Putnam's butt and dick. He is also circumcised. His pubes are extremely bushy.
50 minutes in the movie, Joe Dallesandro is taking a bath for 8 minutes and we can admire his body at length. There is a girl in the bathroom with him that find his dick "rather large".
66 minutes in the movie, we see Joe Dallesandro's dick again for 4 minutes and finally at the last minute of the movie again.