image 8749

Mateusz Banasiuk and Bartosz Gelner in Floating Skyscrapers (2013)

14 minutes in the movie, Mateusz Banasiuk is taking a shower with 3 other guys after gym. We all all four nice butts.
Then Mateusz Banasiuk turns around to wash his dick, and we can see him touching his thick uncut penis.
Other guy next to him is also turning and we see his dick too.
Then Mateusz Banasiuk gets a hot blowjob from one of the guys.

48 minutes in the movie, we get another good frontal from Mateusz Banasiuk as he stands up naked from the bed to get dressed.

53 minutes in the movie, we see Mateusz Banasiuk's butt and huge balls.

image 8735

Harry Treadaway in Honeymoon (2014)

14 minutes in the movie, we get a side view of Harry Treadaway's big uncut cock.
We also get a face view of his hairy bush.
15 minutes in the movie, Harry Treadaway is walking out of the bathroom naked. We see part of his dick off-focus, and then we see his butt clearly
In the same scene as he plays naked with a woman, we again get a quick view off-focus at his penis.

image 253

Stanislas Merhar in Dry Cleaning (1997)

In this movie, the sexy Stanislas Merhar is seen buck naked. No frontal nudity but a good view at his bulge in a thin bath towel that does not leave much to imagination.

image 8684

Fernando Tielve and Marko Mandic in Lose Your Head (2013)

14 minutes in the movie, we briefly see Fernando Tielve's butt and balls hanging in between his legs.
27 minutes in the movie, we finally see Fernando Tielve's nice uncut dick.
48 minutes in the movie, we see Marko Mandic's butt and then his thick and uncut penis as he is about to make love with Fernando Tielve, and again after.
53 minutes in the movie, after their long sex scenes, we see again Fernando Tielve naked.
55 minutes in the movie, Marko Mandic is naked also and joins him. This time Marko Mandic's dick is soft.

image 8666

Koen Van Heule in Campfire (2000)

9 minutes in the movie, Koen Van Heule is naked. He gets out of the tent, then turns around and gets back in.
Koen Van Heule has a nice and long uncut dick and a firm bubble butt.

image 6646

Ben Baur, Ben Andrews, Walker Hare, Kirk Duvall, Tyler W. French and David Lavine in Hunting Season (2012)

In the first episode, Ben Baur meets a boy in the subway, Ben Andrews. As they get at Ben Andrews's apartment, they both get naked. We see Ben Baur's very nice bubble butt as we as his balls later in that scene. We also see Ben Andrews huge uncut dick and his butt. In the third episode, we finally see Ben Baur's nice circumcised dick. We also briefly see Walker Hare's smaller cut dick. In the fourth episode, we get some more of Ben Baur's dick and ass. Then there is a scene in a steam room. An uncredited actor joins the group in the steam room. He has a uncut dick that he is jerking off.

image 2872

Paul Walker and Steve Zahn in Joy Ride (2001)

Paul Walker is a hottie. He is travelling with Steve Zahn, and they are trouble. One hour in the movie, they are forced to go completely naked into a gas station. We see in great details these two bare asses. Unfortunately they are covering their cocks with their hands, so we don't get any full frontal. But the scene is still very cute.

image 8782

Vincent Perez, Bruno Todeschini and Arnaud Lemaire in The Libertine (2000)

22 minutes in the movie, Vincent Perez is posing naked. We first briefly see his butt and uncut penis.
24 minutes in the movie, and for 5 long minutes, we extensively see Vincent Perez fully naked, front and back.

Again, 41 minutes in the movie, he is posing naked.

58 minutes in the movie, Bruno Todeschini and Arnaud Lemaire are naked. We only see their butts. Although we can guess that Arnaud Lemaire is packing big in between his legs.