image 8599

Mario Casas, Yon González and Maxi Iglesias in Sex, Party and Lies (2009)

At the beginning of the movie, Mario Casas and Yon González are shirtless at the beach.
4 minutes in the movie, Yon González undresses. We see his cute butt. Then Mario Casas undresses too, and we also see his butt.
21 minutes in the movie we can admire Maxi Iglesias' hairy butt as he is making love to a girl.
68 minutes in the movie, both Mario Casas and Yon González are with a girl. They both get naked together. We see both butts. Mario Casas has a hairy crack. The threesome engages, and they all teach each other. Mario Casas and Yon González kiss.

image 8743

Peter Caulfield in Cucumber (2015)

42 minutes in episode 1 of season 1, Peter Caulfield is parading naked in a house. We see his soft dick at first, and then briefly his butt.
Peter Caulfield is uncut.

image 8636

Toby Stephens, Tom Hollander and Rupert Penry-Jones in Cambridge Spies (2003)

5 minutes in the first episode, we see Toby Stephens ass & balls as he is getting out of bed.
35 minutes in the movie, Tom Hollander gets naked on a bridge. It's frontal but from far away.
36 minutes in the movie, Tom Hollander is again on the bridge. Toby Stephens and Rupert Penry-Jones join him.
We can see their 3 butts.
When they jump, we can see Rupert Penry-Jones' dick too. It is rather long and uncut.

image 4588

André Hennicke and Wotan Wilke Möhring in Antibodies (2005)

André Hennicke shows us his ass first and then later his dick as he walks naked in the room. The room is pretty dark but there are 2 areas in the room with more light, where we can clearly see his dick. André Hennicke has a pretty big circumcised dick. Wotan Wilke Möhring is seen naked in a love scene. We do not get to see his penis but we see his butt when he is getting a blow job from his girlfriend.

image 2892

Will Young in Mrs Henderson Presents (2005)

Will Young, openly gay, is briefly seen completely naked around 40 minutes in the movie. We see his big ass, and although he is sideways, we can clearly see he has a very large and long uncut dick. We will hopefully get to see more of naked Will Young soon.

image 8660

Brady Corbet in Simon Killer (2012)

13 minutes in the movie, Brady Corbet is not wearing any underwear or pants. We see his butt and his balls in between his thighs, when he stands up from the couch. Then he masturbates but we don't see his penis.
30 minutes in the movie, Brady Corbet is making love to a girl. We don't directly see his penis or butt at first. We can however distinguish his dick and balls in between the girl's legs.
At the end of that scene, we see Brady Corbet's butt as he is resting on his stomach.

image 8809

Bill Skarsgård and Adam Pålsson in Behind Blue Skies (2010)

1 minute in the movie, Bill Skarsgård is undress by a girl. We see Bill Skarsgård's penis and balls as she does, and then she starts blowing him. We get a close up view at his large uncut penis as she is holding it in her hands.

6 minutes in the movie, Bill Skarsgård is swimming with Adam Pålsson. We see Adam Pålsson's bulge in the pool, and then when he gets out we see his butt.

image 4412

Jonas Karlsson in Details (2003)

There is a short shower scene with Jonas Karlsson and Michael Nyqvist. We first see Jonas Karlsson's butt and then as he turns back to leave the shower, we get a quick view at his dick. He has an average-size uncut dick of rather dark color.

image 2815

Sergio Peris-Mencheta and Miki Manojlovic in Lost Seamen (2003)

30 minutes through the movie, we see Sergio Peris-Mencheta wearing nothing but his undies. He reaches in and starts masturbating. Although we don't see his penis at that time, we see his pubic hair. Half way through the movie, Sergio Peris-Mencheta is taking a shower and we see him leaving it, first revealing his butt and then his thick uncut dick! A quick but very nice view! Later in the movie, we see Miki Manojlovic getting out of bed, showing a full frontal of his uncut dick and then his butt. It's a very long scene where we get to see both sides of him repeatedly.