image 8745

Jonathan Gavin in Puberty Blues (2014)

24 minutes in episode 1 of season 2, Jonathan Gavin is wearing nothing but a t-shirt. He is in a kitchen along with the handsome Sean Keenan.
Sean Keenan is trying hard not to stare at Jonathan Gavin's dick. We first see Jonathan Gavin's butt as he walking into the kitchen. Then we see his uncut penis as the camera films from the other side of the kitchen.

image 8803

Thiago Cazado and Rodrigo Bittes in About Us (2017)

20 minutes in the movie, we get a quick and partial view of Thiago Cazado butt.

30 minutes in the movie, we get a quick view of Thiago Cazado's butt again.

47 minutes in the movie, the picture is dark but we see Thiago Cazado's big uncut penis.

48 minutes in the movie, we get a good view at Thiago Cazado's butt.

48 minutes in the movie, we also see Rodrigo Bittes' erect penis.

image 3244

Christoph M. Ohrt and Tim Bergmann in Regular Guys (1996)

Right at the beginning of the movie, we see Christoph M. Ohrt's butt as he is naked in a public shower. We also see another guy's uncut dick, as well as at the end of the movie. A few minutes at the start of the movie, Christoph M. Ohrt wakes up naked in bed with Tim Bergmann. We also see Tim's butt briefly and part of his penis. Thirty five minutes in the movie, Tim Bergmann and Christoph M. Ohrt are both naked in the bathroom. Christoph is taking a bath and Tim Bergmann is by the sink. We get a good view at Tim's butt. Then Tim gets in the tub with Christoph and we get a good view at Tim Bergmann's hairy crack and big uncut dick.

image 2740

Randy Becker and John Benjamin Hickey in Love! Valour! Compassion! (1997)

Randy Becker is the first one to show skin, coming back from a swim. He drops the towel he had around his waist. He displays a nice butt and dick. Later in the movie, he kisses passionately Justin Kirk by the fridge at night. Again later they kiss in the lake. Randy is again buck naked, but from a distance this time. After kissing, Randy Becker rolls on his back to show us his nice and big semi erect cut cock. Later John Benjamin Hickey undresses and shows us all, including this big cut dick which he is flopping around.

image 6438

Nico Rogner in Looking for Simon (2011)

Nico Rogner is very cute. There is only completely one naked scene with him. 61 minutes in the movie, Nico Rogner is getting a shower. We see him undressing and showering. First we only see his butt and then as the turns slightly around we see his nice uncut dick. There is also a sexy scene as he swims naked in the sea, but we don't get to see as much.

image 8696

Hal Sparks, Randy Harrison, Gale Harold, Robin Thomas Grossman, Peter Paige, Matt Battaglia and Robert Gant in Queer as Folk Season 4 (2004)

31 minutes in episode 1, we see Robert Gant and then Hal Sparks' butts.

7 minutes in episode 2, we see Randy Harrison's butt.
8 and 15 minutes in episode 2, we see the bare butts and penises of some extras.

30 minutes in episode 3, some extras are undressed and we see their butts.
35 minutes in episode 3, we see Randy Harrison's butt.

8 minutes in episode 4, we see Gale Harold's butt and Randy Harrison's pubes.
Then 10 minutes in episode 4, we see Randy Harrison's ass

image 8760

Harrison Gilbertson in My Mistress (2014)

Harrison Gilbertson is first seen naked 27 minutes in this movie.
We see Harrison Gilbertson's butt as he is jerking off in the shower. We very brielfy see the tip of his dick as he is jerking off. He appears to be uncut.

49 minutes in the movie, we see Harrison Gilbertson's butt as he is swimming naked.

image 7838

Peter Franzén in Ambush (1999)

2 minutes in the movie, Peter Franzén is running back from the ocean in a swimsuit. We can see his big backage bouncing around.
16 minutes in the movie, Peter Franzén is naked in bed. We can barely see his dick at first, but then when he leaves the bed, we see Peter Franzén's beautiful butt, and his huge balls hanging in between his legs. The sideways, we see his uncut dick.