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Mark Rylance in Intimacy (2001)

Mark Rylance is naked for a good part of the movie. He has many sex scenes which are real. It starts at the very beginning of the movie. 4 minutes in the movie, we see Mark Rylance uncut cock, first soft and then erect. The penetration is not simulated. 5 minutes in the movie, we see Mark putting a condom on his erect dick. 16 minutes in the movie, 26 minutes, 34 minutes, 68 minutes and 80 minutes in the movie, are other sex scenes where we can see Mark naked. 34 minutes in the movie, a woman performs oral sex to Mark Rylance without simulation.

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Brendan Fehr and Andre Noble in Sugar (2004)

13 minutes in the movie, Andre Noble and Brendan Fehr get in a limousine. There are also 3 strippers with them. One of them starts stripping and reveals a big uncut penis with big hanging balls and untrimmed pubic hair. 18 minutes in the movie, Andre Noble is in a bathroom, and he sees another young guy showing his penis to two older men. His penis is uncut. 24 minutes in the movie, Brendan Fehr gets naked out of the shower. We briefly see his nice bubble butt. Brendan is hot when he is asking permission to jack off in the middle of his breakfast, because he is feeling horny.

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Jesse Archer, Charlie David, Jeremy Gender and Aaron Star in A Four Letter Word (2007)

There is quite a bit of nudity in this movie. The movie starts with a naked yoga class. We see several guys naked, including the instructor. Aaron Star has a nice body and a regular size cut dick. It follows with Jesse Archer waking up naked next to Jeremy Gender. We see Jeremy Gender's nice and big cut dick, but we don't see Jesse Archer's penis. We only get a partial view of Jesse Archer's butt in that scene. 21 minutes in the movie, Jesse Archer and Charlie David are having sex together. We see Jesse Archer's nice butt and also very briefly, when Charlie David turns over on the top, we briefly get to see his dark and long uncut cock. 63 minutes in the movie, we get to see the naked yoga class again, this time with a better view at Aaron Star's penis.

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Tom Cruise in All the Right Moves (1983)

In the movie, Tom Cruise is young and hot. 64 minutes in the movie, he gets undressed with a girl, and as he removes his pant, we get a quick view at his dick. Tom Cruise's penis is circumcised and of moderate size. We then see part of this butt. We also get a closed-up view at his hot nipples. His body is lean and muscular.

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Patrick Dempsey in Some Girls (1988)

34 minutes in the movie, Patrick Dempsey is naked, chasing a girl. We see his butt and his penis but from a distance. Patrick Dempsey appears to have a small uncircumcised penis. The chasing scene is funny and ends up with a very embarrassing situation.

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Vincent Perez in Queen Margot (1994)

50 minutes in the movie, Vincent Perez is wounded, and as they remove his clothes, we get a good view at his sweet uncut dick and lean butt. 95 minutes in the movie, there is a love scene with Vincent Perez, and we see his bubble butt and then his penis with a clean full frontal after his leaves the bed.

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Petr Vanek, Petr Lnenicka, Krystof Rímský, Petr Stach, Andrej Polák and Michal Novotný in Tobruk (2008)

In this movie, there is a very hot shower scene were all the guys are naked. We get good frontals from Petr Vanek, who has a long uncut dick with a thick head. Petr Lnenicka also has a big uncut penis. The largest penis is however Krystof Rímský's. Krystof Rímský is absolutely huge. Petr Stach on the other hand has a more modest uncut dick. Andrej Polák has a decent size uncut dick and can be seen only for a few seconds as he moves behind the other guys. Michal Novotný is in the same situation and is nice uncut dick can be seen in between the other actors. When they dry up, we see Michal's butt.

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Aurélien Wiik in Des illusions (2009)

Aurélien Wiik is nude at the beach. The camera films everything, showing us full frontal nudity as well as rear for 30 seconds. Aurélien Wiik has a good-size uncut dick with a short foreskin and big balls. He also has a nice butt. He is first laying down on a towel displaying his bare butt. Then he carries a girl to the ocean, dancing around and giving us a 360 degrees view of his body.

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Benjamin Sadler in Tatort (2010)

In the episode named "Mord in der ersten Liga" from 2010, Benjamin Sadler shows a full frontal while in a locker room. Benjamin Sadler has a massive uncut dick, large and thick.