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Tommi Korpela in Man's Job (2007)

16 minutes in the movie, Tommi Korpela is full naked while brushing a woman's hair. We can see his thick flacid uncut dick.
22 minutes in the movie, we get a good view at Tommi Korpela's lean torso.
50 minutes in the movie, Tommi Korpela is performing a strip tease but remains in his underwear.
91 minutes in the movie, Tommi Korpela is sleeping naked on a couch. We cannot see his penis there, but his butt.

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Jason Behr in The Tattooist (2007)

Right at the beginning of the movie, Jason Behr is naked and walks towards a window. As he does we see his firm butt. Jason Behr has an amazing body overall that we get to admire further throughout the movie, especially 42 minutes in the movie.

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Costel Cascaval, Vitalie Bantas, Serban Pavlu, Claudiu Leonte, Alex Gheorghiu, Mihai Calota, Oancea Vlad, Gabriel Spahiu and Mihai Bratila in Next Stop Paradise (1998)

15 min in the movie Costel Cascaval is naked on a bed. He is laying on his belly, so we first only see his butt. Then we see his penis and butt as he stands up and goes to the balcony. 56 minutes in the movie, 11 guys are getting naked for a military review. We see all their penises and butts although from a distance. During the review see the these uncut dicks from a shorter distance. Vitalie Banta has a big uncut dick. Costel Cascaval has a small uncut dick. Serban Pavlu has a big uncut dick. Claudiu Leonte has a medium uncut dick. Alex Gheorghiu also has a medium uncut dick. Mihai Calota has a medium uncut dick. Oancea Vlad has a medium uncut dick. Gabriel Spahiu has a small uncut dick. Mihai Bratila has a medium uncut dick.

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Thomas Jane in Stander (2003)

6 minutes in the movie,Thomas Jane is naked at the beach. We see his butt and also his rather small cut penis. Quite a disappointment for the star actor of TV show "Hung", who plays the role of a porn actor with an oversized penis. 22 minutes in the movie, Thomas Jane is singing and dancing naked. But the scene is dark and back-lit so we cannot see too well. However we do see the shape of his penis and balls bouncing around.

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Alexander Bracq, Andrew Shine, Chris Grezo in Seeing Heaven (2010)

Alexander Bracq is a male prostitute that has visions with guys he has sex with. His first client is Andrew Shine. We can see his naked butt. However in that scene we don't get to see much of Alexander as he seems to be wearing a short. Anyway a little time after, we can finally see Alexander's very nice butt. His second encounter is Denton Lethe. But we unfortunately don't get to see them naked. Same goes at the club when he gets fucked by Addison White. Then when making a porn movie, he has sex with the very pretty Maximo Salvo, still without nudity below the waist. Then he makes love with Chris Grezo. This time we see Alexander's ass repeatedly as he is seating on Chris's dick. Then we get to see Chris's butt. Finally Alexander gets in a weird gangbang/rape situation but no real nudity there as all actors were wearing underwear during the scene.

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Danny Gilmore in Lilies (1996)

66 minutes in the movie, Danny Gilmore undresses and steps into a tub. As he does, we see his nice and long uncut dick. We see Danny Gilmore cute butt when he exits the tub 3 minutes later.