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James Buckley, Joe Thomas and Simon Bird in The Inbetweeners Movie (2011)

James Buckley is in swimming shorts by a pool when a kid pulls his shorts down. James quickly covers his genitals, but in the meanwhile we can see his very nice uncut dick. His pubic hair is trimmed funny to form an arrow pointing to his penis. He clearly wants the attention! At the end of that scene, we also see James Buckley's butt but his ass is off-focus. Joe Thomas has a scene where is forced to strip down and remove his swim trunk. As he does, he covers his genitals in his hand. We get a good view at his butt. In another scene, we get to see Joe Thomas's butt again when he removes his clothes at night to go swim. Simon Bird also has a scene where he strips in front of a girl. We only get to see Simon Bird's ass in that scene and again when he falls naked on a guy making love.

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Jean Dujardin and Alex Lutz in OSS 117: Lost in Rio (2009)

There is a hippie scene at the beach where Jean Dujardin is naked resting on his belly, while a guy is caressing his butt. We get a good view of Jean Dujardin's butt during that scene. Later in the movie, Jean Dujardin ends up lost with Alex Lutz. Alex Lutz wants to bath, gets naked and goes into a lake. As he does, we get a good view at his butt. He spreads his legs apart, but we cannot see Alex balls or dick.

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Russell Brand in RE:Brand (2002)

Russell Brand gets fully naked in a bath tub in episode 3 of this TV show. We first see his thich uncut dick popping out of his underwear. A few minutes later, Russell Brand removes his underwear, revealing his entire package. We get ample time to view Russell Brand fully naked.

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Christos Passalis in Dogtooth (2009)

Christos Passalis has a nice chest with a bit of hair. In a scene, he undresses next to a woman. When he does, we get a good and long view at his butt. And when he folds his clothes, he turns around and we see his thick uncut dick. His foreskin appears to be pretty long. Then he sits on the bed next to the woman and she masturbates him but we don't see his dick getting hard. When they make love, we only see partial view of his butt. In another scene, she masturbates him again but this time we see his dick. It's getting real big, thick and veiny. Christos Passalis has a really nice dick. When it's real hard, he makes love to her in front of the camera.

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Wes Ramsey and Steve Sandvoss in Latter Days (2003)

A great movie! Very moving and captivating. Wes Ramsey plays an open gay guy and Steve Sandvoss plays a religious person. They meet and end up falling in love. The movie starts with a sex scene between Wes Ramsey and a random person. We get to see Wes muscular torso. Later in the movie, Wes falls and hurts himself. Steve applies a bandaid on Wes naked cheek. We get to see Wes butt cheeks as he is wearing a jock strap. Then he stands with nothing but his jock strap on his bed. What a view! They then are caught kissing and Steve has to leave. They end up meeting at an airport and go to a hotel. They make love intensely. We see both of them naked, and if you are careful you can see both Wes and Steve dicks as they move. After they spend the night making love in talking, Wes wakes in the morning and Steve is already gone. When Wes goes to the bathroom naked, we can see his dick in the mirror and from behind flopping in between his legs. It is huge!!! Like a third leg! Watch the movie to see how the story develops!

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Henrik Øhlers, Claus Bender Mortensen, Thomas Sigsgaard and Morten Stig Christensen in Friends Forever (1987)

Henrik Øhlers is getting out the shower 40 minutes in the movie. He loses is towel and proudly shows his butt and nice uncut dick. He is obviously proud! One hour in the movie, a woman undresses Claus Bender Mortensen. We see his nice young butt. No frontal from him but some interesting bulges throughout the movie. The very good looking Thomas Sigsgaard is seen naked 75 minutes in the movie, as he is being butt fucked by his boyfriend Morten Stig Christensen. He is a delicious butt. After Henrik walks on them having sex, we finally see Morten Stig Christensen's full frontal.

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Vincent Piazza in Boardwalk Empire (2010)

Vincent Piazza is naked and making love to a woman in season 1 episode 6. We see him naked from a distance at first and then when he walks towards the camera we see his nice uncut penis.

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Peter Franzén in Ambush (1999)

2 minutes in the movie, Peter Franzén is running back from the ocean in a swimsuit. We can see his big backage bouncing around.
16 minutes in the movie, Peter Franzén is naked in bed. We can barely see his dick at first, but then when he leaves the bed, we see Peter Franzén's beautiful butt, and his huge balls hanging in between his legs. The sideways, we see his uncut dick.

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Will Young in Mrs Henderson Presents (2005)

Will Young, openly gay, is briefly seen completely naked around 40 minutes in the movie. We see his big ass, and although he is sideways, we can clearly see he has a very large and long uncut dick. We will hopefully get to see more of naked Will Young soon.