Matthias Schweighöfer and Cornelius Dane in Off Beat (2004)

Matthias Schweighöfer is the main star of this movie. We get to see him naked as he takes a shower with Cornelius Dane. We see Matthias' butt first which is pretty nice and then we see his dick. From a distance at first and then much better as he walks towards his colleague that is also taking a shower. We get frontal and rear views from both Matthias Schweighöfer and Cornelius Dane. We get another full nudity (mostly rear but with a very brief partial front) from Matthias later in the movie as he makes love to a pregnant woman.

Oliver Park, Alex Anthony and Conner Mckenzy in Buffering (2011)

70 minutes in the movie, we see a full frontal of Oliver Park and also the ass of Conner Mckenzy. Oliver Park has a nice and big uncut dick. 71 minutes in the movie, we see the penis of Alex Anthony. Again, 72 minutes in the movie, we get a frontal of Alex Anthony naked. Alex Anthony has a nice uncut dick. 73 minutes in the movie, the threesome becomes a foursome, and we also see the ass of Conner Mckenzy and Oliver Park.

Stathis Papadopoulos and Dimitris Papoulidis in From the Edge of the City (1998)

10 minutes in the movie, there are quick snapshots of Stathis Papadopoulos naked, including shots of his erect penis.
42 minutes in the movie, Stathis Papadopoulos is taking a shower. We see his butt and also his chubby uncut dick while he washes it.
Then Dimitris Papoulidis gets naked and joins Stathis Papadopoulos to shower together. We see Dimitris Papoulidis uncut dick as he comes to the shower.

Alex González in Scorpion in Love (2013)

22 minutes in the movie, Álex González is getting outside of the shower with a towel. The towel is make visible the bulge of his impressive penis.
50 minutes in the movie, Álex González is making love to a woman. We see his firm butt and very muscular body. Some frontal is visible but dark and hard to distinguish.
52 minutes in the movie, Álex González is in a hot shower scene with a girl. We then see his butt when he gets out in the hallway.
As the girl moves, we briefly see his dick from the side.

Max Riemelt and Hanno Koffler in Free Fall (2013)

37 minutes in the movie, Max Riemelt and Hanno Koffler are both naked making love. We see both dicks but very briefly. They are both uncut.
49 minutes in the movie, Max Riemelt and Hanno Koffler are both naked again. We only see the dick of Max Riemelt.
59 minutes in the movie, Max Riemelt is naked getting to the shower. He is getting a chubby under the shower.
Hanno Koffler is naked 86 minutes in the movie but behind a shower curtain so the picture is not very clear.


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