Oliver Reed and Alan Bates in Women in Love (1969)

9 minutes in the movie, Oliver Reed is running naked to jump into a lake. We see his dick and butt from a distance.

26 minutes in movie, while in a forest, Alan Bates is getting naked. 27 minutes in the movie, Alan Bates is walking naked, and we see his butt and penis from close up.
53 minutes in the movie, we see Alan Bates's butt again.
57 minutes in the movie and for long minutes, Alan Bates and Oliver Reed both strip and start wrestling naked. We see both naked bodies from every possible angle.

Chris Zeischegg, Bryan Sevilla and Thomas Trussell in The Canyons (2013)

Chris Zeischegg gets naked 13 minutes in the movie. After he undresses, we see him jerking off a bit.
29 minutes in the movie, we see Nolan Gerard Funk wearing nothing but a small underwear with a big bulge. But unfortunately, no full nudify from Nolan Gerard Funk in this movie.
65 minutes in the movie, we see Bryan Sevilla aka James Deen walking naked with Thomas Trussell. We get a very good and long view at Bryan Sevilla's long cut dick, and a quick view only at Thomas Trussell's cut dick.

Shia LeBeouf, Papou, Kookie Ryan, Jean-Marc Barr and Stellan Skarsgård in Nymphomaniac: Vol. II (2013)

15 minutes in the movie, we briefly see Shia LeBeouf's dick and then his butt. Then we see again his balls and dick when he is making love on a bed.

23 minutes in the movie, and for 2 minutes, we see the big black erect dicks of Papou and Kookie Ryan.

76 minutes in the movie, we see Jean-Marc Barr's erect penis as he is getting a blow job.

113 minutes in the movie, we see Stellan Skarsgård's uncut penis.

Shia LaBeouf, Anders Hove, Clayton Nemrow, Jesse Inman, Jonas Baeck and Christian Gade Bjerrum in Nymphomaniac: Vol. I (2013)

17 minutes in the movie, we see Shia LaBeouf's circumcised penis and butt as he is making love to a young girl.
26 minutes in the movie, we see a partial butt view of Anders Hove.
31 minutes in the movie, we see the erect penis of Clayton Nemrow. The we see him getting a blow job.

39 minutes in the movie, we see the penis of Jesse Inman penetrating a girl.
Then we see Jonas Baeck's butt.
And after the scene we clearly see Jesse Inman's uncut penis.
And we also see Jonas Baeck's uncut penis.

Guillaume Gallienne and Leonid Glushchenko in Me, Myself and Mum (2013)

45 minutes in the movie, Guillaume Gallienne is naked undergoing a physical examination. We can't see very well as the doctor's hand is padding his genital area.
53 minutes in the movie, we see Guillaume Gallienne's butt.
54 minutes in the movie, wee get a quick view at Guillaume Gallienne's dick as he is naked on a massage table.
55 minutes in the movie, we see Guillaume Gallienne's butt again.

67 minutes in the movie, we see the great butt of Leonid Glushchenko.

Todd Verow, Jono Mainelli and Michael Burke in Bulldog in the White House (2006)

26 minutes in the movie, we see the ass of Todd Verow.
28 minutes in the movie, we see his balls and briefly his dick.
Then we see the hairy ass of Jono Mainelli.

33 minutes in the movie, Todd Verow is naked and we see his dick.

42 minutes in the movie, we see Todd Verow's butt and then Todd Verow naked in the shower with Michael Burke. We see in that scene Michael Burke's penis and butt.

Nathan Adloff, Taylor Reed and Joe Swanberg in Blackmail Boys (2010)

Right from the very beginning of the movie, we see Taylor Reed and Nathan Adloff playing gay web cam. We don't see Nathan fully nude there, but we do see Taylor Reed jerking his big cut dick on the computer screen. Later in the movie, we see Nathan Adloff running on a treadmill. He is only wearing a jock strap so we get a close-up view at his butt. 15 minutes in the movie, Nathan Adloff and Taylor Reed are making love. Nathan takes Taylor's pants and underwear off, and in very close-up, we see Taylor Reed big cut dick in great details.


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