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Mark Priestley, Leon Ford, Matthew Whittet and Stephen Curry in Changi (2001)

In this short series, you have to wait for episode 2 to get nudity. Mark Priestley and Leon Ford show us full frontal and rear also. Mark Priestley has a nice cut dick. Leon Ford has a smaller uncut dick. In episode 3, there is additional nudity from Leon Ford, but only rear. In episode 5, Stephen Curry is naked but we mainly see his bushy pubes which are hiding his dick. We see it better but from further away when he is taken out of the room. We see his butt at that time too. When they are outside the barracks, we see Stephen Curry big cut dick and ass better.

Toby Stephens, Tom Hollander and Rupert Penry-Jones in Cambridge Spies (2003)

5 minutes in the first episode, we see Toby Stephens ass & balls as he is getting out of bed.
35 minutes in the movie, Tom Hollander gets naked on a bridge. It's frontal but from far away.
36 minutes in the movie, Tom Hollander is again on the bridge. Toby Stephens and Rupert Penry-Jones join him.
We can see their 3 butts.
When they jump, we can see Rupert Penry-Jones' dick too. It is rather long and uncut.

Adam Pålsson and Simon J. Berger in Don't Ever Wipe Tears Without Gloves (2012)

In this very nice mini series, there is not much nudity.
There is however one scene at a nudist beach. This scene is at the 14th minute of the second episode, and also at the 48th minute of the 3rd episode.
Adam Pålsson and Simon J. Berger show most nudity.
We see Adam Pålsson's butt and also his big balls in between his legs, when he is swinging over the lake.
We see Simon J. Berger mostly in the 3rd episode, as he is laying down naked on a rock. We can see his hairy bush.

Tomás Colvin and Fernando Quintana in Des/Esperando (2010)

11 minutes in the movie, we see Fernando Quintana's ass. He has goose bumps all over his ass.
22 minutes in the movie, we see Tomas Colvin's ass as he is masturbating. We see the scene from behind, so no frontal nudity there.
57 minutes in the movie, both are naked in shower. The picture is dark, so we mainly see Fernando Quintana's big uncut dick.

Wolfram Schorlemmer in Westerland (2012)

14 minutes in the movie, Wolfram Schorlemmer is getting a shower. The scene is hot but we don't see his penis nor butt.
72 minutes in the movie, Wolfram Schorlemmer is practising karate in a bathroom. He then drops his underwear, and is totally naked. We see his butt and then his uncut dick and low hanging balls. This scene is very hot, as we see his dick and balls bouncing around!
82 minutes in the movie, we see Wolfram Schorlemmer naked again as he dresses up. We get another amazing view as his huge balls hanging low below his thighs.


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