Sagamore Stévenin and Rocco Siffredi in Romance (1999)

In this movie Sagamore Stévenin is seen naked from early on in the movie. His girlfriend gives him oral sex and we can see his uncut dick in great details and at length. His dick is not getting hard despite the girlfriend's efforts. This scene is not faked as we see a close-up of Sagamore's dick in his girlfriend's mouth. Desperate from his lack of intimacy, his girlfriend ends up sleeping with Rocco Siffredi. We see his big uncut dick erect. We see Rocco unrolling a condom over his dick and then the girl masturbate him. We finally see them having sex.

Brenden Gregory, A.J. Goodrich and Brad Roberge in Interior. Leather Bar. (2013)

30 minutes in the movie, we see Brenden Gregory masturbating and A.J. Goodrich getting an unsimulated blow job. Then we see A.J. Goodrich's butt when he gets spanked.

46 minutes in the movie, Brenden Gregory is with Brad Roberge, masturbating both cocks together. Then Brenden Gregory sucking off Brad Roberge.

Gale Harold, Randy Harrison, Darrin Baker, Hal Sparks, Chris Potter, Peter Paige, Steve Boyle, Matthew G. Taylor and Dean Armstrong in Queer as Folk Season 1 (2000)

10 minutes in episode 1, we see Gale Harold's butt in a jock strap and then he removes it, revealing his bare butt.
31 minutes in episode 1, we see parts of Gale Harold's dick.
32 minutes in episode 1, we see Randy Harrison's balls.
35 minutes in episode 1, we see Gale Harold's thick cut dick

3 minutes in episode 3, we see Gale Harold's butt again.

39 minutes in episode 5, we see Gale Harold's butt again.

35 minutes in episode 6. we see Darrin Baker's butt.

30 minutes in episode 7, we see Hal Sparks and Chris Potter's butts.

Jesse Birdsall in Annika (1984)

In this TV series, Jesse Birdsall appears completely naked. He takes all this clothes off to enter a sauna. We have a quick but good frontal at this nice uncut cock. When he enters the sauna and later jumps into a lake, we also get a good view at his nice young butt. His check with a tidbit of hair is also quite hot.

Pablo Echarri and Leonardo Sbaraglia in Burnt Money (2000)

Pablo Echarri plays a straight guy and we get to see him naked (both frontal and rear). We see a butt a lot throughout the movie (and it's a nice butt!). And then finally, as he is having sex with his girlfriend, we get to see his uncut penis. There is extended footage of him naked. Eduardo Noriega and Leonardo Sbaraglia play a couple. We see them naked but not as much as we would have wanted. Leonardo is bisexual in the movie, and we see his butt when he is having sex with a woman.

Jake McDorman, Jeremy Allen White and Cameron Monaghan in Shameless Season 4 (2014)

48 minutes in episode 1 of season 4, we see Jake McDorman naked in bed, making love to Emmy Rossum. Jake McDorman has a very nice bubble butt. We see more of his butt when he gets out of the bed. Unfortunately no frontal, although it's getting close. It seems his pubes have been shaved off.
38 minutes in episode 2 of season 4, Jeremy Allen White is making love to a girl. When she gets out of bed, we can see Jeremy Allen White's penis from the side. He is hung!
11 minutes in episode 8, we see Cameron Monaghan's butt.


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