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Franco Merli, Ninetto Davoli and Salvatore Sapienza in Arabian Nights (1974)

5 minutes in the movie, we see Franco Merli naked.
17 minutes in the movie, an uncredited black man is also naked. He is hung like a donkey. We can see his erect dick from behind in between his legs.
He is cut.
60 minutes in the movie, we see Ninetto Davoli's butt, and then his uncut dick.
Again we see both his butt and cock 63 minutes in the movie.
70 minutes in the movie, Ninetto Davoli is erect.
72 minutes in the movie, Ninetto Davoli is tortured by pulling on his balls.

Walter Delmar, Jared Grey and Nick Salamone in Pornography (2009)

Walter Delmar is taking his shorts off 53 minutes in the movie, we get a good view at his butt and a quick and dark view at this penis.
Jared Grey is taking a shower 95 minutes in the movie, we see part of his butt when he leaves the shower.
Nick Salamone is fucking Jared Grey 91 minutes in the movie, and at that occasion we see Nick Salamone's butt.
100 minutes in the movie, we see Jared Grey's butt and penis as he had run in a hallway naked. Also at the very end of the movie, 111 minutes in the movie, Jared Grey drops his pants showing his dick.

Reid Ewing and Bryan Callen in 10 Rules for Sleeping Around (2013)

25 minutes in the movie, Reid Ewing is naked in a living room. He has a great body. We briefly see his pubes and then his butt when he leaves the room.
33 and 34 minutes in the movie, we see Reid Ewing's butt again as he is naked in the back yard. He is hiding is penis with a cushion, but he is not doing a very good job and we can briefly see his dick.
37 minutes in the movie, a dog attacks his cushion, and we briefly see his penis again.
40 minutes in the movie, the dog is licking Reid Ewing's butt! We see Reid Ewing's dick again as he moves away from the dog.

Adrien de Van and Stéphane Rideau in Sitcom (1998)

In this movie, we get rear nudity from Adrien de Van as he carries his sister into a bath tub. No frontal nudity from him, although there is a scene in a swimming pool where he floats on his back. He is wearing trunk underwear that are somewhat see-through and we can guess he has a pretty big package. There is a full frontal scene from Stéphane Rideau, as he is getting a blow job from Adrien's sister. However his huge penis appears to be a prosthetic.

Brendan Price in Naughty Wives (1974)

Brendan Price has a nice butt. We see it from the beginning of the movie. There is also a clearer scene, as he is having sex and someone walks in on them. Brendan rapidly leaves the bed to dress up. We see his nice smooth butt and also his balls hanging in between. Later as they are filming a sex scene, Brendan Price shows us a nice frontal. His dick is not erect but is nice and uncut. There is plenty of rear nudity throughout these sex scenes. There is another quick frontal scene as Brendan Price suddenly leaves his bed.


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