Tristan Barr and Lucas Linehan in Monster Pies (2013)

33 minutes in the movie, Tristan Barr and Lucas Linehan undress to go swim but they stay in the underwear which will end up being all wet. We see more of their bulges when they get out of the pool.
46 minutes in the movie, Tristan Barr and Lucas Linehan are both naked in bed. We see both butts, which are quite nice.
47 minutes in the movie, we see Lucas Linehan naked in a shower.

Paul Nicholls, Luke Treadaway and Joseph Mawle in Clapham Junction (2007)

Paul Nicholls is first seen naked front and back. We see him drop his underwear down. He holds his dick so that we can see his nice big balls. Then he starts flopping his semi-hard cut dick in front of a mirror. Finally we see him peeing on a guy, but one can assume it's a stunt. Luke Treadaway is another twink who shows us skin. We first see him from behind (and what a butt!) jerking off. At that time, we don't see his penis, although we can see his low hanging balls moving between his legs. He is jerking off to his neighbor Joseph Mawle. They end up meeting and making love.

Fab Filippo, Randy Harrison, Justin Tensen, Gale Harold, Robert Gant, Harris Allan, Trevor Hardy, Peter Paige, Hal Sparks and Scott Lowell in Queer as Folk (2002)

2 minutes in episode 1, we see Fab Filippo's pubes and butt. Then we see his hairy butt crack and in briefly in between his legs what appears to be a sock on his dick.
3 minutes in episode 1, on one frame we see Randy Harrison's dick.
41 minutes in episode 1, we see Justin Tensen naked. We briefly see his balls and uncut dick, and then his nice butt. We also see Gale Harold's butt.

42 minutes in episode 2, there are naked extras with full frontal.

François Sagat, Omar Ben Sellem, Dustin Segura-Suarez and Rabah Zahi in Man at Bath (2010)

François Sagat is a porn star, so you can expect to see his big uncut dick all over the movie. The story is about a breakup between François Sagat and Omar Ben Sellem. Omar Ben Sellem leaves for New York and ends up meeting Dustin Segura-Suarez, while François Sagat meets Rabah Zahi. The surprise comes from Dustin Segura-Suarez. This young actor from Quebec looks absolutely fantastic! He is extremely good looking with an amazing uncut dick. We see him stripping naked, jerking off, and even briefly but nicely sucking Omar's dick! Omar has a big cut dick and Rabah has a small one.

Hal Sparks, Gale Harold, Peter Paige, Jason Lambert, Randy Harrison, Aaron Bell, Robert Gant and Fab Filippo in Queer as Folk Season 2 (2001)

31 minutes in episode 1 of Season 2, we see Hal Sparks' butt.

16 minutes in episode 2, we see Gale Harold's butt.
23 minutes and 28 minutes in episode 2, we see Peter Paige and Hal Sparks' butts.

8 minutes in episode 3, we see Peter Paige naked.

14 minutes in episode 4, we see the butt of Jason Lambert.

4 minutes in episode 5, we see the butt of Randy Harrison, and then the butt of Gale Harold.
40 minutes in episode 5, we see Gale Harold's dick as he walks out of the shower.

Sagamore Stévenin and Rocco Siffredi in Romance (1999)

In this movie Sagamore Stévenin is seen naked from early on in the movie. His girlfriend gives him oral sex and we can see his uncut dick in great details and at length. His dick is not getting hard despite the girlfriend's efforts. This scene is not faked as we see a close-up of Sagamore's dick in his girlfriend's mouth. Desperate from his lack of intimacy, his girlfriend ends up sleeping with Rocco Siffredi. We see his big uncut dick erect. We see Rocco unrolling a condom over his dick and then the girl masturbate him. We finally see them having sex.


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