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Pierre Deladonchamps and Christophe Paou in Stranger by the Lake (2013)

The movie is filmed entirely at a cruising area with naked men by a lake, so there is a lot of male nudity.
9 minutes in the movie, we see Pierre Deladonchamps naked. He has a big uncut dick.
11 minutes in the movie, we also see Christophe Paou naked. He is cut.
12 minutes in the movie, Pierre Deladonchamps is naked again. He has a nice foreskin and his pubes are shaved.
13 minutes in the movie, we see Pierre Deladonchamps's butt as he goes swimming.
16 minutes in the movie, we also see Christophe Paou's butt.

Leandro Stivelman in Don't Look Down (2008)

Leandro Stivelman is naked for most part of the movie, along with Antonella Costa. We get a very good view of his dick and a decent view of his ass at several occasions. Leandro has a very nice and pretty big uncut dick. It is pretty thick. The area is pretty bushy. Clearly no manscaping there, Leandro seems to prefer it au naturel! If you like Leandro, you will love this movie. He clearly has no problem with nudity and plays pretty real with Antonella, touching her pussy and licking her tits while she also touches his semi-hard penis.

Rainer Strecker and Sigurd Rachman in Westler (1985)

Rainer Strecker and Sigurd Rachman are both naked in the movie, as they are making love.
The frontal shots are quite dark. When Sigurd Rachman leaves the bed wearing only a t-shirt, we see his nice uncut dick. We also see his butt at several occasions in the bed, and also in the bedroom, as he likes to walk wearing no underwear.
It's harder to see Rainer Strecker naked. However, when Sigurd Rachman leaves the bed, we briefly see Rainer Strecker's uncut dick.

Israel Rodriguez in Clandestinos (2007)

At first there is an unidentied naked guy in a shower. We can see his white butt. Then he exits the shower and we can see his dick. After their escape, we see Israel Rodriguez shower. He has an amazing big uncut dick. After dinner he drops his towel and we have a clear view of his butt. Israel is gay in the movie. He sleeps with the old man he is staying at. In the morning as he leaves the bed, we have another frontal view.


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