Nicholas Braun and Hunter Cope in Date and Switch (2014)

30 minutes in the movie, Nicholas Braun and Hunter Cope are both getting undressed to go have fun in a foam party. The first one to go in front of the camera is Hunter Cope but we only see his butt.
Then Nicholas Braun goes, and for a frame we can see his low hanging balls in between his thighs, and then in another frame, we can see his dick which appears to be uncut.

Fernando Tielve and Marko Mandic in Lose Your Head (2013)

14 minutes in the movie, we briefly see Fernando Tielve's butt and balls hanging in between his legs.
27 minutes in the movie, we finally see Fernando Tielve's nice uncut dick.
48 minutes in the movie, we see Marko Mandic's butt and then his thick and uncut penis as he is about to make love with Fernando Tielve, and again after.
53 minutes in the movie, after their long sex scenes, we see again Fernando Tielve naked.
55 minutes in the movie, Marko Mandic is naked also and joins him. This time Marko Mandic's dick is soft.

Benoît Delière, Johnny Amaro, Gaëtan Borg and Thibault Boucaux in Like a Brother (2005)

This is a great movie. Benoît Delière and Thibault Boucaux are watching a porn movie together which gets them excited. Thibault Boucaux goes to masturbate in the bathroom. We see him from behind, and we can admire Thibault Boucaux's butt.
21 minutes in the movie, we can see Benoît Delière's uncut penis. We can also see Gaëtan Borg's big and hard uncut penis as they are making love together.
32 minutes in the movie, we see Thibault Boucaux running, coming back from the sea in his swimsuit. As he does, we see his uncut penis dangling around in his swmisuit.

Oliver Reed and Alan Bates in Women in Love (1969)

9 minutes in the movie, Oliver Reed is running naked to jump into a lake. We see his dick and butt from a distance.

26 minutes in movie, while in a forest, Alan Bates is getting naked. 27 minutes in the movie, Alan Bates is walking naked, and we see his butt and penis from close up.
53 minutes in the movie, we see Alan Bates's butt again.
57 minutes in the movie and for long minutes, Alan Bates and Oliver Reed both strip and start wrestling naked. We see both naked bodies from every possible angle.

Chris Zeischegg, Bryan Sevilla and Thomas Trussell in The Canyons (2013)

Chris Zeischegg gets naked 13 minutes in the movie. After he undresses, we see him jerking off a bit.
29 minutes in the movie, we see Nolan Gerard Funk wearing nothing but a small underwear with a big bulge. But unfortunately, no full nudify from Nolan Gerard Funk in this movie.
65 minutes in the movie, we see Bryan Sevilla aka James Deen walking naked with Thomas Trussell. We get a very good and long view at Bryan Sevilla's long cut dick, and a quick view only at Thomas Trussell's cut dick.


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