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David Paisley and Jonathan Keane in Unhappy Birthday (2010)

In this movie, David Paisley and Jonathan Keane have a gay relationship. We see them having sex in a scene where we view Jonathan Keane's butt and briefly David Paisley big uncut dick. In that scene David Paisley is the bottom of the sexual act. Later in the movie, they are taking a shower together and we see both of them naked, front and back. They both have big uncut dicks, especially David Paisley.

Anders Borchgrevink in Lakki (1992)

Right at the very beginning of the movie, we see Anders Borchgrevink getting out of bed and back in bed naked. As he runs out of bed, we get a good view at his young butt. And he lays back in bed, we get a quick view at his small uncut dick and balls. A few minutes after we see him diving in a swimming pool, wearing nothing but a shirt. Anders plays a number of scenes naked throughout the movie, although we do not see his dick much better.

Chase Fleming, Richard Bolander, David Beutler, Tim Garrett, Curtis Ray Husted, Bambi Lush, C.K. Moseley, Donner Tran, Lock Lee, Ryan Lynn and Brendan Sharpe in Darker Secrets: Sideline Secrets II (2008)

Again in this second movie of the Sideline Secrets sequel, there is a LOT of nudity. The movie starts with a recall of Sideline Stories 1, as we see Chase Fleming naked, front and back. His nick body and thick cut cock are shyly shown. At the same time, we see Luoc Lee undressing, and at first we only see his butt. Later in the movie, towards the end, we will also see his dick. The next scene ends up as a threesome between Bambi Lush, C.K. Moseley (a very cute blonde guy) and Donner Tran. We see all them naked and making love. C.K.

Michal Lewandowski and Miroslav Caslavka in Insatiability (2003)

In this movie, we see Michal Lewandowski involved in various sexual situations, with both males and females. 25 minutes in the movie, we see Michal's butt as he is cleaning himself, or rather jerking himself off in order to be hard. He wakes up in the morning, naked, showing us an incredible frontal of his soft but pretty long uncut dick. Forty minutes in the movie, it's Miroslav Caslavka that we see completely naked for minutes, as he plays naked with a woman, running around in the bedroom. He has a nice butt and a pretty nice and big uncut dick.

Alexander Doestch in Christopher and His Kind (2011)

Fifteen minutes in the movie, a young man called Ludo jumped out of bed naked and parades in the bedroom. We get a good view at his uncut dick and nice young butt. Later in the movie, we get a nice view all around and in details of Alexander Doetsch. He wears a speedo but does not remove it, so we only get to admire his body and bulge in the speedo. Later, Alexander Doestch gets naked and goes on the bed. We see his butt but no frontal.

Christoph M. Ohrt and Tim Bergmann in Regular Guys (1996)

Right at the beginning of the movie, we see Christoph M. Ohrt's butt as he is naked in a public shower. We also see another guy's uncut dick, as well as at the end of the movie. A few minutes at the start of the movie, Christoph M. Ohrt wakes up naked in bed with Tim Bergmann. We also see Tim's butt briefly and part of his penis. Thirty five minutes in the movie, Tim Bergmann and Christoph M. Ohrt are both naked in the bathroom. Christoph is taking a bath and Tim Bergmann is by the sink. We get a good view at Tim's butt.

Joe Dain, Fatmir Haskaj and John Enos III in Bullet (1996)

Five minutes in the movie, Joe Dain and Fatmir Haskaj are at gun point and forced to strip naked. We see Joe and Fatmir's butts and also their pubes but they carefully hide their penises in their hands. Quite nice and hot anyway! Mid-movie, John Enos III has a towel around his waist, and drops it to put underwear on, in front of Mickey Rourke and the camera. We can admire his butt and his whole body.

Marc Hosemann, Beat Marti, Eralp Uzun and Oktay Özdemir in Black Sheep (2006)

Marc Hosemann is naked at the beginning of the movie as he is making love in every possible position to a woman. We get rear view from him and at the end of the love scene, we get a good frontal view, although a little obstructed by the woman's hand. Marc Hosemann appears to be uncut. We see Beat Marti's hairy ass, one hour in the movie, as he is bathing his boyfriend Daniel Krauss. Daniel is wearing a skin-toned underwear so no nudity from him. Towards the end of the movie, Eralp Uzun is fooling around with girl. As he is crawling away, he looses his pants.


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