Serge Avedikian and Piotr Stanislas in We Were One Man (1979)

Serge Avedikian sees Piotr Stanislas bathing in his underwear, so he goes bath after that and is completely naked showing us a full frontal of his uncut dick. Two third through the movie, both are very drunk and end up peeing in their glasses. We get full frontal from both of them at that time. They are both uncut with rather long foreskins. Piotr Stanislas has a longer dick. After Piotr disappears, Serge who had become his lover, becomes crazy and ends up killing his dog. As Piotr comes back, he is upset and grabs Serge's genitals.

Sergio Almazán and Cristhian Rodríguez in Bramadero (2007)

This movie shows very graphic gay sex. Real oral and anal sex between Sergio Almazán and Cristhian Rodríguez. Sergio Almazán has a very big and thick uncut dick. Cristhian Rodríguez appears at first to be a smaller uncut dick with big balls, but later in this short movie, he ends up penetrating Sergio Almazán and we can see his dick has grown a lot! The movie has been released as part of "Boys on Film 2".

Rupert Graves, Julian Sands and Simon Callow in A Room with a View (1985)

One hour in the movie, there is a scene by a pond. Rupert Graves, Julian Sands and Simon Callow all get naked to go swim in the bond. At first, we only see their torsos. We see Simon Callow cut penis as he jumps into the pond. Then we see Julian Sands trying to climb at a branch. Finally we see Rupert Graves's butt and penis as he gets out of the pond. His uncut penis is then quite small from the swimming. Julian Sands runs after Rupert Graves around the pounds, and we see both dicks flip-flopping around. Simon Callow also joins the naked race.


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