Thyago Alves and Massimo Poggio in David's Birthday (2009)

34 minutes in the movie, Thyago Alves is showering by the sea in his swimsuit. No real nudity but some nice views of his amazing body. 50 minutes in the movie, we see Massimo Poggio in a shower. We only see his butt. 70 minutes in the movie, Thyago Alves is getting naked and masturbating. We only see part of his dick and through his underwear, which appears to be uncut and rather small. We also see his butt. 91 minutes in the movie, Thyago Alves and Massimo Poggio are making love. We see Thyago Alves hairy ass and legs. We see a full frontal of Massimo Poggio.

Nehuén Zapata and Javier De la Vega in Twisted Romance (2008)

40 minutes in the movie, there is a very hot sex scene between Nehuén Zapata and Javier De la Vega. They are both into it, as their dicks are fully erect during the scene. Nehuén Zapata has untrimmed pubic hair but a very nice and big uncut dick. He also has a cute ass and a very hairy crack. Javier De la Vega also has a nice big cock and a nice hairy crack with big balls.

Milo Ventimiglia in That's My Boy (2012)

41 minutes in the movie, Milo Ventimiglia dresses down to his underwear. He reveals a small bulge but looks into his underwear to check his package. Too bad the camera isn't filming what he sees! 94 minutes in the movie he is naked in bed. He gets out of the bed and back in. It seems the movie has been edited to remove his genitals. We anyway get a great view at his butt and the rest of his body! On one frame as he gets out of bed, it seems we can see a thick cut cock.

Jake Christian, Matthew Montgomery and Windham Beacham in Long-Term Relationship (2006)

In the first minute of the movie, we see Matthew Montgomery's butt. 3 minutes in the movie, we also see Jake Christian fully naked. He has a nice uncut dick. 44 minutes in the movie, we see the butts of both Matthew Montgomery and Windham Beacham. 54 minutes in the movie, we briefly see Matthew Montgomery's cut penis and then a lot more when he walks naked in the kitchen.

Théo Frilet, Edouard Collin, Thibault Vinçon, Alain Fromager, Yann Trégouët and Yannick Renier in Born in 68 (2008)

This movie follows a group of friend from the 60s to nowadays. During the hippies days, there is a lot of sexual freedom depicted in the movie with nudity. In the most recent years, the heroin's son is gay and dies from AIDS. The movie follows his love story and the future of his lover.


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