Mark Cirillo and Scott Sell in The Last Straight Man (2014)

21 minutes in the movie, Mark Cirillo is showing his butt, and again partially 29 minutes in the movie.

64 minutes in the movie, we briefly see Scott Sell's butt.
Then, in that scene, we see Mark Cirillo's huge penis.

66 minutes in the movie, Scott Sell has a sock on his cock and balls.

68 minutes in the movie, we see the massive cock of Mark Cirillo again and his big balls.

95 minutes in the movie, we get a clear view at Scott Sell's butt.

101 minutes in the movie, we see Mark Cirillo's penis again as he is laying on a bed.

Jack Matthews in Drown (2015)

This movie is an eye candy about beach boys and lifesavings tournaments. Most of the guys are wearing nothing but speedos for a good part of the movie. Many nice bulges to look at throughout the movie.
63 minutes in the movie, we see Jack Matthews's butt as he stripped by force.
64 minutes in the movie, he is completely naked and covering his uncut penis.
The other guys next to him, comment he has a smooth dick, and a foreskin.
67 minutes in the movie, he is forced to show his massive uncut dick. We see it for many minutes. Jack Matthews' penis is thick and long.

Jamie Dornan in Fifty Shades of Grey (2015)

43 minutes in the movie, we see Jamie Dornan's butt. We briefly see his balls in between his legs.
We see again Jamie Dornan's firm butt as he is making love.
89 minutes in the movie, there is a partial dickshot of Jamie Dornan (we see his pubes and the base of his penis). We then see his butt.
Jamie Dornan is known for being uncut as he already posed naked for Visionaire. It can be seen here here.


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