Sami Bouajila

Sami Bouajila, Philippe Garziano and Pierre-Loup Rajot in The Adventures of Felix (2000)

Sami Bouajila shows a long and clear full frontal when he is walking naked in a field, 57 minutes in the movie. We can see Sami Bouajila rather long cut dick. He is at the time with Philippe Garziano who is naked with him. Philippe Garziano has a big uncut dick. Pierre-Loup Rajot only shows his butt at the beginning of the movie.

Johan Libéreau and Lorenzo Balducci in The Witnesses (2007)

Johan Libéreau plays a young gay man. We see his naked with a brief partial frontal towards the beginning of the movie as he gets naked before going to bed. Mid movie Johan Libéreau has a hot sex scene with Sami Bouajila but there is no frontal or rear nudity. One hour in the movie, Johan Libéreau is home in the bathroom and when Sami Bouajila arrives. He wears a towel around his waist and then drops it in front of Sami. We get to see a very clear view of Johan's butt and a good view at Johan's dick and ball mostly in between his legs. He displays a pretty big uncut dick.

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