Emmy Rossum

Jake McDorman, Jeremy Allen White and Cameron Monaghan in Shameless Season 4 (2014)

48 minutes in episode 1 of season 4, we see Jake McDorman naked in bed, making love to Emmy Rossum. Jake McDorman has a very nice bubble butt. We see more of his butt when he gets out of the bed. Unfortunately no frontal, although it's getting close. It seems his pubes have been shaved off.
38 minutes in episode 2 of season 4, Jeremy Allen White is making love to a girl. When she gets out of bed, we can see Jeremy Allen White's penis from the side. He is hung!
11 minutes in episode 8, we see Cameron Monaghan's butt.

Cameron Monaghan, Noel Fisher, Steve Howey and Mike Doyle in Shameless Season 3 (2013)

In episode 6 of season 3, Cameron Monaghan shows us a lot of nudity as in many previous episodes. But for the first time, the camera briefly films Cameron frontally. Pausing the movie to the right frames, we can enjoy Cameron Monaghan's big uncut dick!
In that same episode, Noel Fisher is showing his butt a lot but his penis is hidden.
Steve Howey is also spending a lot of time naked in that episode. We see his butt at lenght and briefly his balls.
30 minutes in episode 7, we see Mike Doyle naked. We see his front and back. He is circumcised.

Cameron Monaghan, William H. Macy, Taylor Kinney, Zach McGowan, Jeremy Allen White, Steve Howey, Thierre Di Castro and Harry Hamlin in Shameless Season 2 (2012)

In episode 1, we see Cameron Monaghan getting out of the shower. We cannot see much besides his hot torso and body overall. In episode 3, we see William H. Macy's butt. In episode 3, we also see Taylor Kinney's nice bubble butt. In episode 3, we also get a full frontal and rear from Zach McGowan. Zach McGowan has a huge cut dick. We first see it from a distance at multiple occasions and then a big close-up. In episode 4, we see Zach McGowan's butt again. We also see Jeremy Allen White's butt as he is making love to a girl. We also see Cameron Monaghan hot body by the pool.

Justin Chatwin, Steve Howey and Jeremy Allen White in Shameless (2011)

We first get a good look at Justin Chatwin's butt as he is mooning at a club security person after having punched his face. His butt appears to be very firm. There is also a wild love scene with a woman. She first drops his pants, which reveals again his hairy chest and his firm butt. He was not wearing any underwear. We see Justin Chatwin's butt as he is making love to her on the kitchen countertop. However as he pulls her out of that location, we can rapidly see his thick dick and hairy balls.

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