Daniel Skelton

Ronnie Kroell, Steven Daigle and Aaron Milo in Eating Out: Drama Camp (2011)

This movie is the 4th of the Eating Out sequel. The first guy to show nudity is Ronnie Kroell. He gives us a good frontal as he gets in bed, explaining to his roommates that he prefers to sleep in the nude. He has a nice, good sized, cut dick. We get to see him with a full frontal is following scenes too when he gets in bed. In the making of, Ronnie Kroell explains that he feared "shrinkage" and that his dick would go like a turtle. Well, he should not worry anymore. The next one to show nudity is Steven Daigle who reveals his bubble butt in the forest, as he is getting a blow job.

Chris Salvatore, John Stallings and Michael E.R. Walker in Eating Out: All You Can Eat (2009)

In the 3rd release of this sequel, there is again nudity. There is full frontal nudity from the new star Chris Salvatore as he is revealing his penis online with his webcam. What a hunk! The view is very clear as the producer is nice enough to show us the original view and not the view from the webcam. Great! We also get rear nudity from John Stallings as he is getting a blow job from Chris Salvatore and later when he has sex with Daniel Skelton. And finally we get a repeated frontal from Michael E.R. Walker after he has been blown by Chris Salvatore and Daniel Skelton.

Michael Vara, Alvaro Orlando and Greg McKeon in Eating Out: The Open Weekend (2011)

Michael Vara is one of the new hotties in this fifth version of the Eating Out sequel. Although we don't get a full frontal from him, we get a nice butt view in a scene. There is a lot of tension building up when he drops his swim trunk in front of Chris Salvatore and Aaron Milo. Both of them seem very impressed and Daniel Skelton had mentioned in an earlier scene that he has a huge penis. Well we only get to see his firm white butt. Alvaro Orlando plays a straight man in this movie. Towards the end of the movie, 2 girls surprise him and find him naked in his bedroom.

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