Actors with uncircumcised penises play in these movies

Wayne Virgo in Cal (2013)

Wayne Virgo has several nude scenes in that movie.
11 minutes in the movie, there is a fight scene in bed. A girl gets on top of him. He is naked, we see his uncut dick and balls when she is on top, and then when he pushed her out of the bed.
We see his butt when he gets to the bathroom but it's dark.
36 minutes in the movie, Wayne Virgo gets naked in front of a mirror. We can ample time to admire his body all around.
Finally 50 minutes in the movie, there is a gay love scene with Tom Payne but we don't get full nudity from them then.

Mathias Franz Stein in Mutig in die neuen Zeiten - Nur keine Wellen (2006)

Mathias Franz Stein is buck naked on a bed. Initially the camera does not reveal his genitals. But then, as he is happy the girl told me she loved him, he raises up and reveals his dick. His pubes are untrimmed and quite long. However we can see his uncut dick, which shows a very long and tight foreskin. His dick seems to be rather thin but long. It is soft in that scene.

Anders Agensø and Peter Bjerg in You Are Not Alone (1978)

13 minutes in the movie, there is a young man in the bathroom with other guys. This one is completely naked. We see his butt, his pubic hair, and part of his dick as he dries himself.
29 minutes in the movie, Peter Bjerg is getting naked to get a shower. He has no pubic hair. We see his uncut penis and then his friend Anders Agensø joins him in the shower. Anders Agensø is also uncut but with a bigger uncut dick with untrimmed pubic hair.

Louis Garrel and Jean-Baptiste Montagut in Ma Mère (2004)

Ma Mere is a disturbing movie with a lot of nudity from Louis Garrel.
14 minutes in the movie, there is a bunch of young guys mooning at a dinner. One guys shows his uncut dick and big balls too.
21 minutes in the movie, Louis Garrel gets naked and we see his butt.
24 minutes in the movie, Louis Garrel is jerking off. We can't see his penis, but we see his butt when he finishes.
25 minutes in the movie, we see Louis Garrel's uncut dick as he is peeing. He see his dick head getting bigger during that scene.

Gilles Marini in Sex and the City (2008)

Gilles Marini appears naked several times in the movie.
30 minutes in the movie, we first see his butt.
87 minutes in the movie, he has a hot undressing scene but without frontal or rear nudity.
112 minutes in the movie, he has another sex scene with 2 women, but again without full nudity.
However, 121 minutes in the movie, we get great rear nudity and then a quick full frontal of Gilles Marini of his huge uncut penis.


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