Actors with uncircumcised penises play in these movies

Clément Sibony and Richaud Valls in April in Love (2006)

Clement Sibony and Richaud Valls are a gay couple in this movie. They live on the beach. They are found sleeping naked together, 30 minutes in the movie. We first see Richaud Valls nice white firm butt. Later in the movie, when Clement Sibony is taking a shower we see the tip of this dick, partially hidden by a fence. He has a very impressive body. Nicolas Duvauchelle is super hot with his tattoos and his hot body. Unfortunately he does not show us any full nudity. But we know he has nothing to be ashamed of, as he has an incredible bulge in the many speedo scenes.

Sami Bouajila, Philippe Garziano and Pierre-Loup Rajot in The Adventures of Felix (2000)

Sami Bouajila shows a long and clear full frontal when he is walking naked in a field, 57 minutes in the movie. We can see Sami Bouajila rather long cut dick. He is at the time with Philippe Garziano who is naked with him. Philippe Garziano has a big uncut dick. Pierre-Loup Rajot only shows his butt at the beginning of the movie.

Costel Cascaval, Vitalie Bantas, Serban Pavlu, Claudiu Leonte, Alex Gheorghiu, Mihai Calota, Oancea Vlad, Gabriel Spahiu and Mihai Bratila in Next Stop Paradise (1998)

15 min in the movie Costel Cascaval is naked on a bed. He is laying on his belly, so we first only see his butt. Then we see his penis and butt as he stands up and goes to the balcony. 56 minutes in the movie, 11 guys are getting naked for a military review. We see all their penises and butts although from a distance. During the review see the these uncut dicks from a shorter distance. Vitalie Banta has a big uncut dick. Costel Cascaval has a small uncut dick. Serban Pavlu has a big uncut dick. Claudiu Leonte has a medium uncut dick. Alex Gheorghiu also has a medium uncut dick.

Óscar Jaenada, Javier Ríos and Juan Diaz in November (2003)

This group of Spanish street performers are cute. Óscar Jaenada is seen naked but for most of the movie only above the waist, except for one still picture where he appears with the rest of the group fully naked, everybody being frontal. Óscar Jaenada and Juan Diaz's dicks appear pretty long, while Javier Rios's appears rather small but very thick. There is also a scene later in the movie with Juan Diaz has his body fully painted and wears only a sort of jock-strap. We can admire his butt and even guess he has a pretty hairy crack.

Danny de Munk, Antonie Kamerling, Daniël Boissevain, Peter Paul Muller and Kasper van Kooten in All Stars (1997)

There is a shower scene 10 minutes in the movie. During this shower scene we see these actors naked. We see Danny de Munk's ass and very briefly his dick as he is playing with the other guys in the shower area. Danny de Munk is uncut. We see Antonie Kamerling's ass only. We also see Daniël Boissevain's butt. The first we see naked is Peter Paul Muller. We clearly see his penis as he is showering and the camera is filming him remotely so that we can see his whole body. We also see his butt. Peter Paul Muller is uncut. We see part of Kasper van Kooten's ass.


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