Actors with circumcised penises play in these movies

Greg McKeon and Walter Delmar in Vampire Boys (2011)

Christian Ferrer and Jason Lockhart are the main actors of this movie. We see both of them shirtless but unfortunately no full frontal or rear nudity. Greg McKeon and Walter Delmar are the only ones that show full frontal nudity in this movie. They also have a hot kissing scene together. They are both well endowed and circumcised but Greg McKeon has the bigger one. He shows us an impressive and thick hardon.

Michael Carbonaro, Jonah Blechman, Jonathan Chase, Mitch Morris, Graham Norton, James Getzlaff, Darryl Stephens and Andersen Gabrych in Another Gay Movie (2006)

This great movie, sort of gay remake of "American Pie" with references to other movies too is a lot of fun. A must have! Plenty of nudity also in this movie, although not a lot of frontal.

Matthew Ludwinski in Going Down in LA-LA Land (2011)

27 minutes in the movie, there is an actor completely naked and displaying his cut dick but he is not listed on the credits of the movie. Matthew Ludwinski is a hottie but is not showing much at first. There is a nice photoshoot scene 31 minutes in the movie where we can admire Matthew's great body. Finally, 58 minutes in the movie, he goes skinny dipping. Matthew Ludwinski is packing BIG ! His underwear bulge is very impressive. We get a very brief view at his massive circumcised penis. This scene is very brief.

Ronnie Kroell, Jesse Archer and Jake Steel in Into the Lion's Den (2011)

At the beginning of the movie, we get full frontal nudity of Jake Steel. He is fully erect and shows us proudly his big cut dick. Towards the end of the movie, we finally see Ronnie Kroell's big cut dick at various angles. He is nice and big! We also briefly see Jesse Archer's penis a little while before Ronnie's. It seems Jesse Archer first has a prosthetic penis but then we can see parts of his smaller cut dick.

Kevin Pittman and Joe Swanberg in Kissing on the Mouth (2005)

In this movie there is female and male nudity. Kevin Pittman and Joe Swanberg are seen naked. Joe Swanberg is seen naked twice. First briefly at the beginning of the movie, and then for a jerk-off with cum shot in the shower. The cum shot is so huge, it must have been faked. Joe Swanberg is an overweight guy and does not look very attractive. Kevin Pittman is much better looking. He also has 2 sex scenes. We see his dick in the first scene. It's rather small. Overall it looks like two average guys who made their own movie to have sex with girls.

Casper Van Dien, Graeme Richards and Antonio Summerton in Starship Troopers 3: Marauder (2008)

68 minutes in the movie, the whole team undresses and walks naked towards a podium. As they do we see them mostly from behind. We see first the butts of Graeme Richards and Antonio Summerton. We see Antonio Summerton's frontal from a distance and his penis is covered by a skin-toned cloth. Finally Casper Van Dien walks on the podium and we see his butt. As he turns around we gets a very quick look at his penis. Although it is covered by a piece of cloth, we can tell his penis is thick and cut.

Jean-Hugues Anglade, Vittorio Mezzogiorno and Claude Berri in The Wounded Man (1983)

This movie has very hot public toilet cruising scenes. Most of the scenes are pretty dark. 42 minutes in the movie, Vittorio Mezzogiorno is seen naked, as he leaves his bed. We get a closed-up view a few seconds after when he walks in front of the camera. His pubes are very bushy. Vittorio Mezzogiorno has a regular size uncut penis. 49 minutes in the movie, we briefly see Claude Berri naked. Jean-Hugues Anglade then shows his penis and ass. Jean-Hugues Anglade has a lean body with a big uncut dick and firm ass.


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